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Plastic Pulverizer
Machine Solutions

PVC Pulverizer Machine
Rotomoulding Pulverizer Machine
Plastic Coating Pulverizer Machine
PE/LDPE/HDPE/MDPE Pulverizer Machine

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Plastic Extrusion
Machine Solutions

Plastic Pipe Production Line
Plastic Profile Production Line
Plastic Straw Production Line
Plastic Sealing Strip Production Line

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Plastic Mixing Dosing System

PVC Mixer Machine / PE/PP Mixer Machine / PLA Mixer Mchine

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Plastic Recycling Single
Shaft Shredder
Machine Solutions

Plastic Crusher machine
Single Shaft shredder machine

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Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on prod lucing single-screw and twin-screw extruders; plastic pipe production lines; plastic profile production lines,plastic mixture units,etc.All plastic machinery is extremely appropriate for raw materials:PVC HDPE,PE,ABS,PS,PC,PMMA, etc. All machines will customized by your necessities, we will provide the assembly limning and suggestion for your works before our cooperation, we will provide our technology support with free formula once we cooperation.
Our engineer will install the plastic extruders or plastic ext trusion machine and we will provide coaching support for your staffs if you needed. We can organize quick cargo for you, as our staffs have ov er ten years operating expertise in their skilled field, and that we continually stock some regular main elen nents in our warehouse.
From sales to R&D Engineers and produc ction workers, BEISU machinery team with 15 yearsof experience has been committed to plastic extrusion machinery from beginning to end,using professional theory and practice to create Beisu patented brand machinery
Customer recognition is the highest hono
In eyes of BEISU people,honor is spur an encouragement; lt represents the past but we should emphasize the future.ln the face of achieve ment,trust of community and customers,BEISU people will strive for the future with full confidence.
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Why Choose Us
Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. Focuses on producing single-screw and twin-screw extruders; Plastic pipe production

Plastic Extruder Machine

Beisu Machinery provide plastic extruder machine,include Twin-screw extruder machine, Single screw extruder machine,Plastic profile extrusion line,PVC profile extrusion line

Plastic Mixer Machine

Beisu Machinery provide plastic mixer machine,include Plastic Color Mixer,Laboratory Mixer,SHR Series High-speed mixer,SRL-W Horizontal mixer unit,SRL-Z Vertical mixer unit,Ribbon mixer machine,Dry mixer machine,High-speed mixer blade

Plastic Grinding Machine

The shredding and coishing integrated machine is mainly used for the shredding and recycling of various thick-walled waste materials and leftover materials in the plastic industry.

Plastic Pulverizer Machine

With high output and small fineness, a plastic grinding mill has been widely applied to the chemical industry. Plastic grinding mill machine can easily grind PVC, PE and PS materials, like PVC pinch plate, pipe, rubber, leather, plant fiber and other plastic materials grinding and powder processing.

Plastic Shredder Machine

Beisu Machinery provide Plastic Shredder Machine,include single shaft shredder machine,Double shaft shredder machine,Plastic shredding crusher machine,Plastic shredder blade

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Plastic Recycling Machinery News

Purui Machinery established in 2006 which is a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machinery in China. Purui Machinery focuses on the research and development of plastic washing machine and plastic granulating machine.

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