16mm-32mm Four cavity plastic PVC conduit pipe extrusion machine line

Plastic PVC pipe extrusion production line is mainly used for water supply pipes, sewage pipes, rainwater drainage pipes, air conditioning condensate water systems, electrical conduits, etc. The unit consists of conical (parallel) twin-screw extruder – PVC pipe mould – vacuum forming tank – tractor – cutting machine – stacker/flaring machine. And the production line can be equipped with main meter concentrator, computer inkjet printer, crusher, shredder, pulverizer, chiller, air compressor, etc., to realize the production and manufacture of high-grade oil pipes. The advanced screw and barrel design provides a strong guarantee for PVC plasticization.

Production process of plastic PVC conduit extrusion line:
Material → heating and cooling mixer → feeding → conical twin-screw extruder → extrusion die and calibrator → vacuum calibration cooling tank → (spray cooling tank) → printer → pulling unit → cutting machine → stacker

Design features of plastic PVC conduit extrusion line:
A1: Conical twin-screw extruder: It adopts conical twin-screw extruder with unique screw design, short plasticizing time, good mixing and plasticizing properties.
A2: Gearbox: High-quality gearbox and reducer are used, with beautiful appearance, stable operation, low noise and long service life.
A3: Conical twin-screw extruder barrel temperature control system: Cast aluminum heater, stainless steel cover, and air cooling system are used to ensure good cooling and heating characteristics and precise temperature control.
A4: Conical twin screw and barrel: The screw core is equipped with an internal temperature control system, and the barrel is equipped with a vacuum degassing system, which can remove the waste gas from the raw materials and ensure the ultra-high quality of the product.
A5: The drive system of the conical twin-screw extruder: A.C motor and ABB inverter are used, with stable torque output and various rotational speeds.
A6: Vacuum sizing tank: with two vacuum chambers to ensure the perfect roundness of the pipeline, water spray cooling, equipped with a temperature controller to achieve automatic drainage, the main body of the tank is made of stainless steel, and the service life is long.
A7: Double tractor: Double-head tractor is provided, and the tractive speed is controlled by ABB inverter.
A8: Double cutting unit: sawing and planetary sawing, with dust removal system.

Technical datas of plastic PVC conduit extrusion line:

Pipe diameter Vacuum Calibration Tank Spray Cooling Tank Haul-off unit cutter
Vacuum pump Water
Length(mm) Water
Length(mm) caterpillar Quantity Motor Motor Cutting type
PVC63*2 φ16mm-φ63mm 3kw*2 3kw*2 5000mm / / 2 1.5kw*4 1.1kw*2 Guillotine cutter
PVC-110 Φ40mm-φ110mm 4kw*1 4kw*2 6000mm / / 2 3kw 2.2kw*1 Guillotine cutter
PVC-160 Φ50mm-φ110mm 5.5kw*1 4kw*2 6000mm / / 3 1.1*3 1.5kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-250 Φ75mm-φ250mm 5.5kw*1 5.5kw*2 6000mm / / 3 1.1kw*3 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-315 Φ110mm-φ315mm 5.5kw*1 5.5kw*2 6000mm / / 4 1.1kw*4 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-400 Φ160mm-φ400mm 5.5kw*2 5.5kw*2 6000mm 5.5kw*1 6000mm 4 1.1kw*4 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-630 Φ315mm-φ630mm 7.5kw*2 7.5kw*2 6000mm 7.5kw*1 6000mm 6 1.1kw*6 3kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-800 Φ500mm-φ800mm 11kw*2 7.5kw*2 6000mm 7.5kw*1 6000mm 8 1.1kw*8 3kw*1 Planetary cutter
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