Plastic PVC/PE winding machine for pipe/sealing strips coiler

Plastic coiler winding machine is mainly suitable for small hoses such as PE pipes, soft PVC pipes, corrugated pipes, etc. It can be used online at the same time with the pipe extrusion production line, which is convenient for the packaging and transportation of pipes. The single-station coiler/double-station coiler/winder is mainly used for the winding of plastic wires and small and medium-sized plastic hoses. Used with extruder, sizing table, tractor and tractor, it can be used to make hoses and wires for straight winding.

Features of plastic winding machine:
A1: Adopt automatic rewinding, adjust rewinding speed and rewinding method. It has a single station for continuous winding.
A2: Pneumatically. The rib of the rewinding wheel adopts a cylinder-type opening and closing.
A3: Equipped with a full splitter, the splitter can adjust the line spacing at any time according to the diameter of the pipe, so that the pipes are evenly arranged and the coils are wound neatly. The rewinding machine adopts pneumatic opening and closing, and the motor is a torque motor, which can ensure the constant tension and rewinding speed during the rewinding process.
A4: It has single station and double station, the double station winder can use two sets of electromagnetic clutches to work alternately on two reels without stopping, and unload in intermittent time to ensure the continuous work of the production line.
A5: The machine is compact. It’s highly automated.

Technical datas of Plastic winding machine:

Model: double-32 double-63 single-110
Pipe diameter 16-32mm 16-63mm 50-110mm
Inner diameter of coil: 450-800mm 550-1500mm 800-2600mm
Outer diameter of coil: 1050-1400mm 1310-2260mm 1600-3400mm
Max speed: 40m/min 20m/min 12m/min
Winding Width: 300-500mm 300-500mm 800mm
Torque motor: 10N.M 20N.M 40N.M
Dimension: 2800×1700×1800 3000×2800×2000 3600×2100×3300
Weight: 900KG 1500KG 3000KG
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