20mm-63mm Plastic double cavity electric PVC conduit pipe machine line

Plastic PVC pipe machine mainly has various pipe diameters in agricultural water supply and drainage, construction water supply and drainage, cable laying and other aspects, and the thickness of the plastic PVC pipe. Machine, turning frame and so on. Screw extruder and traction machine adopt imported AC frequency conversion speed regulation setting, vacuum pump and traction motor both use high-quality products.

Layout of Plastic PVC conduit pipe machine line:
Production process raw material auxiliary preparation → mixing → feeding and feeding → forced feeding → conical twin screw extruder → extrusion die → sizing sleeve → spray vacuum setting box → immersion cooling water tank → ink printing machine → crawler → Cutter lift cutting machine → Pipe stacking rack → Finished product inspection and packaging

Features of Plastic PVC conduit pipe machine line:

A1: PVC pipe Extruder :Conical Twin Screw Plastic Extruder takes the new and efficient BM Screw,and has the higher screw speed, yield and plasticizing capacity…nose or spiral-flow nose,with a uniform material,convenient adjustment to eliminate extrusion fusion line and so on.

A2: PVC pipe Vacuum shaping devices vacuum spray tank,spray cooling tank or efficient cooling tank, and all water contact parts made of stainless steel material.

A3: PVC pipe Traction machine of Two cavity PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine, Extruder:two claw-type or rubber belt crawler tractor in order to adapt to different pipe production requirements..

A4: PVC pipe Cutting machine no dust rotating knife..

A5: PVC pipe Stacking devices automatic turn plate or roller-type stacking devices, small-diameter pipe can be configured duplex winder according to customer requirements duplex winder..

A6: PVC pipe Electrical control system for a variety of options (eg: PLC automatic control system),good production speed,stability,and the  control system is simple and easy to operate.

PVC conduit pipe machine line

Technical datas of Plastic PVC pipe machine:

Model Auxiliary Screw Diameter(mm) Pipe Range(mm) Capacity(kg/h) Main motor power(kw) Total Power(kw) Line Length(m)
U-PVC40 One mould two 51/105 16-40 80-120 18.5 50 22
U-PVC63 One mould two 65/132 20-63 120-250 37 100 25
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