High speed Plastic PVC pulverizing milling machine from BEISU manufacturer

The main function of the plastic PVC pulverizing milling machine is to grind plastic materials. It can recycle and grind various plastic wastes, defective products, scraps, etc., so that these waste materials can be reused. Plastic mills are also widely used in chemical industry, waste recycling, plastic pipe profile manufacturing, plastic modification and other fields, providing the required powder materials for these industries.

In what fields are Plastic pvc pulverizing milling machine used?
PVC pulverizing machine are mainly used in the plastic processing industry, especially in the need for fine processing of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) materials. The main application areas of PVC mills are as follows:
A1. Plastic recycling: PVC pulverizing are widely used in the field of plastic recycling. It can crush and grind discarded PVC products, such as pipes, plates, films, etc., to convert them into plastic particles or powders that can be reused. This not only helps to reduce the accumulation of plastic waste, but also achieves the recycling of resources.
A2. Plastic processing: In the plastic processing industry, PVC grinding mills can be used to pre-treat PVC raw materials, such as crushing and refining, to prepare powders or particles suitable for subsequent processing. This is of great significance for improving the quality, performance and appearance of plastic products.
A3. Modified plastic preparation: In the preparation process of modified plastics, PVC grinding mills can mix and grind PVC with other additives, fillers or polymers to obtain new materials with specific properties. This modified plastic has a wide range of applications in many fields, such as automobiles, electronics, packaging, etc.
A4. Plastic coloring and color matching: PVC grinding machine can also be used to mix pigments or masterbatches with PVC powder to prepare PVC materials with specific colors. This is very important in the process of plastic coloring and color matching to meet the needs of different customers for color diversity.

Technical datas for آلة طحن البلاستيك:

غرفة الطحن
شفرات دوارة
24 قطعة
28 PCS
36 PCS
السرعة الرئيسية (دورة في الدقيقة)
المحرك الرئيسي
37 كيلو واط
55 كيلو واط
75 كيلو واط
حجم المسحوق النهائي
12-120 ميكرون
12-120 ميكرون
12-120 ميكرون
200-350 كجم/ساعة
400-600 كجم/ساعة
وزن الآلة
1500 كلغ
1600 كلغ
1800 كلغ
البعد (مم)


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