Plastic recycling puverizing powder making machine for PE/PET/LDPE/HDPE/ABS/SBS

Plastic recycling pulverizing machine is a device specializing in crushing and grinding powder such as waste plastic products, sub -products, and corners. Plastic mills are widely used in chemical, waste recycling, plastic pipe profile manufacturing, and plastic modification.

What is a plastic recycling pulverizing machine?

A plastic disc grinder is an important equipment in the plastic recycling process. Its design and function focus on converting plastic waste into powder, a waste plastic recycling equipment for the recycling of plastic resources.

plastic pet pe pulverizing

pet pulverizing equipment

What are the main application areas of plastic pulverizer?

A1. Chemical industry:

– Plastic grinders are used in the chemical industry to process various plastic materials and achieve grinding processing.

A2. Waste recycling:

– Plastic grinders can grind plastic waste into small particles, and then add new materials to mix and make new plastic products, so as to achieve the reuse of waste and effectively reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.

– For example, when recycling plastic waste, plastic grinders can grind waste to a suitable particle size for subsequent processing and reuse.

A3. Plastic pipe profile manufacturing:

– In the production process of plastic pipes and profiles, plastic grinders can grind large pieces of plastic raw materials into small particles, which is convenient for subsequent processing and production and improves production efficiency.
A4. Plastic modification:
– Plastic grinding machine is suitable for the field of plastic modification. It can grind various soft and hard leathers into fiber or powder at room temperature. It is especially suitable for grinding materials with different molecular structures such as artificial leather, PVC, PE, etc.
A5. Pigment manufacturing:
– Particle fineness has a great influence on the quality and processing performance of pigments. Plastic grinding machine can realize the processing of pigment powder and improve the color stability and uniformity of pigments.

Working principle of plastic pulverizing making machine:
A1. Working principle:
– Plastic grinding disc grinding machine mainly cuts materials (plastic waste) into powder through the strong collision between the high-speed rotating grinding disc and the fixed blade disc.
– The material enters the machine body from the feed hopper through the vibrating feeder, and the grinding disc driven by the main shaft rotates at high speed and collides with the fixed blade disc to complete the grinding process.
– The ground powder is sent to the cyclone for separation through the discharge fan, and then sent out by the fan to be bagged, while the air is discharged through the dust collection device.
A2. The main components of the plastic mill:
– Feeding system: responsible for introducing plastic waste into the mill.
– Grinding system: The core is the high-speed rotating grinding disc and fixed blade, responsible for grinding the material into powder.
– Discharging system: Sends out the ground powder for subsequent collection or processing.
– Transmission system: drives the grinding disc and other key components to rotate at high speed.
– Electrical control system: monitors and controls the operation of the entire equipment.

plastic pulverizing making machine

pet pulverizing machines

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