PC-800/1000/1200 Powerful plastic rubber crushing machine with blades water cooling system

The rubber crushing machine is a piece of equipment specially designed to break rubber materials into small pieces or particles.
Widely used in waste tire processing and rubber product production: In the production process of rubber products, the rubber crusher is used to break large pieces of rubber into particles or blocks suitable for processing. These crushed rubber materials can be used to manufacture various rubber products, such as tires, seals, rubber tubes, etc.
Construction field: The crushed rubber particles can be used as part of building materials, such as as an additive in concrete to improve the crack resistance, durability and other properties of concrete.
In addition, rubber particles can also be used to pave sports venues, sidewalks, etc. to provide elasticity and anti-slip properties.
Energy field: The crushed rubber particles can be mixed with coal or other fuels and used for power generation or heating. This method not only improves energy utilization, but also reduces environmental pollution.

ال rubber crushing machine mainly consists of the following key parts:
A1. Rubber rushing host: This is the core part of the rubber mill, which is mainly responsible for crushing rubber materials. The crushing host is usually equipped with powerful crushing mechanisms, such as rotating cutterheads, hammers, etc., which crush rubber materials through high-speed rotation or vibration.
A2. Rubber conveying system: including the feeding device and the discharging device, which is responsible for feeding the rubber material to be crushed into the crushing host and sending the crushed rubber particles or powder out of the equipment. This ensures a continuous flow of rubber material throughout the crushing process.
A3. Rubber screening system: used to screen crushed rubber particles to meet the required particle size requirements. The screening system usually consists of a screen and a vibration mechanism. The vibration mechanism drives the screen to vibrate, so that the rubber particles pass through the screen for classification.
A4. Rubber power system: Provides power for the rubber mill, including motors, reducers and other components. The motor drives the movement of working components such as the crushing host, conveying system and screening system to ensure the normal operation of the entire equipment.
A5. Rubber control system: Responsible for controlling and regulating the operation of the rubber mill, including starting, stopping, speed adjustment and other functions. The control system usually adopts electrical control or PLC control, which has the characteristics of easy operation and stable performance.
A6. Rubber dust removal system: During the rubber grinding process, a certain amount of dust will be generated. The dust removal system collects and processes the generated dust through dust suction devices and filtering devices to ensure the cleanliness of the working environment and the health of operators.
A7. Rubber safety protection devices: In order to ensure safe operation, rubber mills are usually equipped with safety protection devices, such as overload protection, phase loss protection, emergency stop buttons, etc., to prevent the equipment from operating under abnormal conditions or causing accidents.

البيانات الفنية:

نموذج المحرك (كيلوواط) قطر الدوار
(دورة في الدقيقة)
سكين دوار (قطعة) سكين ثابت (قطعة) قوة المحرك الهيدروليكي (كيلوواط) الوزن (كجم)
بي اس-600 22 Φ260 540 10 4 2.2 2400
بس-700 30 أو 37 Φ280 540 10 4 3 3200
بس-800 45 Φ400 540 10 4 3 3700
بي اس-1000 55 Φ400 540 10 4 4 4500
بس-1200 75 Φ500 540 10 4 5.5 6700
بس-1500 90 0ر 110 Φ550 540 10 6 7.5 9000
بكالوريوس-2000 132 أو 160 Φ600 540 10 8 11 كيلو واط 13000
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