Plastic pulverizing disc blade for PE PET ABS PC PS MDPE LDPE LLDPE

The pulverizing disc blade of the plastic miller is an important accessory specially designed for processing heat-sensitive materials; it directly determines the performance and service life of the mill. It is mainly used in the fields of plastic rotational molding, dipping, lining plastic manufacturing, as well as plastic modification and masterbatch manufacturing.

Working principle of the pulverizing disc blade of the plastic miller:
When the mill is working, the material is fed between the disc and the fixed grinding disc. As the grinding disc rotates, the material is subjected to extrusion, shearing and friction between the grinding disc and the fixed grinding disc, thereby achieving grinding and crushing. Factors such as the rotation speed of the grinding disc, the gap between the grinding disc and the grinding ring, and the nature of the material will affect the grinding effect.

How to choose the pulverizing blade of the plastic miller!
1. Material
The disc of the mill is usually made of high-quality carbide or high-speed steel. These materials have excellent wear resistance, impact resistance and toughness, which can ensure that the blade maintains stable performance and a long service life during high-speed rotation and grinding.
2. Structure
The grinding disc of the heat-sensitive mill is usually made of strong and durable materials, such as high-hardness alloy steel or other wear-resistant materials, to ensure that it can maintain stable performance under high-speed rotation and heavy load. Its structure is generally designed as a circle, and the central part is connected to the drive device so that it can rotate at a certain speed.

3. Characteristics of disc of mill
A1. High wear resistance: The high-quality SKD-11;D2 material and reasonable design make the PE mill blade have excellent wear resistance, can keep sharp for a long time, and improve the grinding efficiency.
A2. Efficient crushing: The optimization of blade shape and size enables the material to obtain better crushing effect during the grinding process and improve product quality.

The selection of pulverizing disc blade should be comprehensively considered according to factors such as the nature of the material, the grinding fineness requirements and the production scale.At the same time, in order to maintain the best working condition of the grinding mill, the grinding disc needs to be regularly inspected and maintained during use, including cleaning the residual material on the surface of the grinding disc, adjusting the gap between the grinding disc and the grinding ring, etc.

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