Plastic mixing machine for PVC/SPC/WPC sheet board flooring

Plastic mixing machine are used to ensure that various raw materials are fully mixed during the manufacturing process of plastic sheets, pipes, films and other products, ensuring the stability and consistency of the products. In the preparation process of plastic granules, the mixer can mix different types of plastic granules to meet customers’ specific requirements for the properties of plastic materials.For plastic products that require specific colors or additives, the plastic sheet mixer can achieve uniform addition of pigments and additives to ensure that the appearance and performance of the products meet the preset standards.

Plastic automatic weighing mixing machine , also known as floor and board automatic mixing system, is an efficient and precise mixing equipment. Through automatic control and precise weighing technology, the system can accurately mix various raw materials in a preset ratio, thereby ensuring the quality stability and consistency of the product.

Plastic mixers are mainly used in the raw material mixing stage in the production process of boards and floors. Through efficient mixing, the uniform distribution of raw materials is ensured, thereby improving the quality and performance of board floors. In addition, the mixer can effectively control the mixing time and mixing ratio to meet the needs of different board floor production.

What are the characteristics and advantages of آلة خلط البلاستيك?

A1. Automatic control: The system adopts advanced automatic control technology, which can realize the whole process of automatic operation from raw material delivery to mixing completion, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.

A2. Precise weighing: The system is equipped with high-precision weighing sensors and control systems, which can accurately control the amount of each raw material delivered to ensure the accuracy of the mixing ratio.

A3. Uniform mixing: The mixer adopts a unique stirring structure and mixing process, which can make various raw materials fully mixed and evenly mixed, and improve the physical properties and appearance quality of floor products.

A4. Environmental protection and energy saving: The system focuses on environmental protection and energy saving in design, adopts low-noise and low-energy drive devices, and is equipped with effective dust collection and treatment devices to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the production environment.
Through the automatic weighing mixer system, enterprises can achieve precise control and optimization of the production process, improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce production costs, and enhance market competitiveness.

Structure of  Plastic mixing machine:
Plastic automatic mixing equipment usually consists of multiple key components, including mixing pots, stirring devices, driving devices, transmission components, and control systems.
A1: As a container for loading and mixing raw materials, the mixing pot has a multi-layer structure, including an inner layer, an outer layer, and an interlayer to provide sufficient strength and corrosion resistance.
A2: The stirring device usually consists of a stirring paddle and a drive shaft. The stirring paddle is made of stainless steel and is specially treated to be wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Through rotation and stirring, the raw materials are evenly mixed in the mixing pot.
A3: The driving device includes motors, gears and other components to provide stable power for the stirring device
A4: The transmission component is responsible for transmitting the power of the driving device to the stirring device.
A5: The control system is responsible for monitoring and adjusting the operating status of the mixer to ensure that it works according to the set parameters.

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