SMF-800 PVC SPC WPC Plastic grinding milling machine with moving blade

Plastic milling machine is used to recycle waste profiles, plates, pipes, etc. It mainly grinds plastic PVC/SPC/WPC scraps into fine powder. After adding 20-30% grinding powder and mixing, it can be used to make PVC pipes. It is an essential equipment for pipe and profile manufacturing machinery. It is mainly suitable for PVC raw materials with high CACO3 content as filler.

ال plastic grinding mill consists of a hopper, a box, a spindle, a cutterhead, a recovery fan, a vacuum cleaner, a frame, a motor, and an electrical box.

Features of plastic milling machines:
1-Compact and space-saving design
2-Low energy consumption and high output
3-Adjust the grinding disc clearance from the outside(for disc type)
4-The machine passes the handle and keeps the disc balanced
5-Easy to replace the sharpening knife(for disc type)
6-The main bearing has a water cooling system
7-The main grinding chamber is specialized in grinding various materials, and the grinding knife is made of special steel.
8-This machine is equipped with a fan and the fan works together.
9 Vibrating sieve machine to make the powder uniform as 10-50 mesh
10-All pipe materials: stainless steel 304

البيانات الفنية ل Plastic milling machine:

نموذج سمف-500 سمف-600 سمف-800
Motor power(kw) 37 45 55
Blower power(kw) 3 5.5 11
Dust collector 9 16 24
Total power(kw) 42 52 90.5
Feed diameter(mm) <18 <18 <18
Discharge size(mesh) 10-80 10-80 10-80
القدرة (كجم / ساعة) 200-250 300-400 400-500
البعد (الطول * العرض * الارتفاع) 2500x2000x3000 3200x2600x3200 3500x2400x4000
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