BS-600/800/1000 Plastic recycle shredding PE/PP/PVC crushing machine for pipe/board/lump

Plastic Single-shaft shredding crushing machines mainly shreds plastics, rubber, tires, nylon plastics, car bumpers, discarded fishing nets, plastic pipes, fibers, paper, electrical components, cables, circuit boards, wood, etc.; especially large pieces, barrels, pipes, wood, etc. , mold materials, bulk materials, films and other very large hard plastics are shredded into small pieces for easy reprocessing, storage and transportation, creating new value from reusable waste.

Features of plastic shredding crushing machines:
A1: The rotor blade on the knife holder of the plastic shredder is removable for easy cleaning, maintenance and upkeep;
A2: The knife of the plastic shredder is installed in a small “V” shape, so that the knife can cut materials evenly during the entire working process, reducing energy consumption and reducing noise;
A3: Each rotating blade of the plastic shredder has 4 cutting edges and can be rotated 90° for continued use after wear;
A4: Each fixed blade of the plastic shredder has 2 cutting edges working at the same time, and can be rotated 180° after wear;
A5: The main shaft of the plastic shredder is driven by a gearbox, which has smooth operation, low noise and high torque;
A6: The hydraulic pusher of the plastic shredder has an independent power system, a solid structure, and stable operation;
A7: The blades of the plastic shredder are all made of SKD-11 or D2 material, with a hardness of up to 58, which is very durable and wear-resistant.A8: The plastic shredder can be opened manually or hydraulically. The front cover and back cover can be specially designed to flip according to the customer’s specific needs.
A9: The plastic shredding and crushing machine uses a fully automatic feeding, shredding, crushing, and waste recycling system. PLC monitoring is optional, and only one worker is needed to complete the waste automation system.

Technical datas of  Plastic shredding crushing machine:

Model BS-600 BS-700 BS-800 BS-1000 BS-1200
Motor power 22/30kw 37kw 45kw 55kw 75kw
Rotating blade quantity 26+4pcs 30+4pcs 36+6pcs 48+6pcs 58pcs
Fixed blade quantity 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs 4pcs
Blade material        Cr12MoV/SKD-11/D2 Cr12MoV/SKD-11/D2 Cr12MoV/SKD-11/D2 Cr12MoV/SKD-11/D2 Cr12MoV/SKD-11/D2
Rotating speed 75rpm 75rpm 75rpm 75rpm 80rpm
Rotating diameter 260mm 280mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
Shredding room dimension 600*600mm 700*600mm 800*800mm 1000*1000mm 1200*1200mm
7.5kwHydraulic p1500ower 2.2kw 2.2kw 3kw 4kw 5.5kw
Cylinder movement length 600mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Overall dimension 1800*1600*1850 1830*1750*1850mm 2200*1780*2100mm 2500*1850*2300mm 3500*2000*2400mm
Machine weight 2200kg 3000kg 3700kg 4500kg 7000kg
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