GTL-300/500/800 High-speed agglomerator chemical fiber plastic granulator

The plastic agglomerator uses the multi-moving knife SKD-11 to quickly pulverize, with higher efficiency, continuous stirring, mixing friction heating, rapid cooling and shrinking principle, plastic film, silk, tape, sheet, soft plastic tube, foaming material, degradable material Such waste and corner materials cause pellets to be put into reproduction, which is the ideal equipment for plastic recycling and pelletizing at present.

Application range of High-speed agglomerator plastic granulator:

A1: Recycling of waste and scraps of various soft plastic films, bags, wires, tapes, sheets, and tubes, such as polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, etc. Put into production.
A2: Recycling and re-production of degradable plastic film and corner material crushing and granulation.
A3: Crush and granulate chemical fiber materials (polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, etc.), and put them into the waste silk treatment for reproduction.

The structure of the plastic agglomerator:

The High-speed agglomerator plastic granulator is divided into base parts, transmission parts, discharge port parts, pot body parts, electrical instrument control cabinets and other parts;
A1: Base: It is the foundation of the machine. It is welded and processed by steel plates to bear the weight of the entire machine.
The main motor, transmission parts and pot body are installed on the upper part of the base. The main motor and transmission components are connected by a belt. In order to prevent the belt from slack, two adjusting screws are installed on the upper side of the base; when the fixing nut on the motor plate is loosened, the belt can be tightened by turning the screws.
A2: Transmission components: The transmission components (except the motor) are installed in the pot holder and base below the pot body. It is composed of main motor, large and small pulleys, main shaft, bearing, rotary knife and so on. The pot seat is made of cast steel. The lower pot body is installed on its upper part.
The main shaft and bearings are installed inside to prevent oil leakage and external dust from intruding. Three skeleton seal rings are installed; the main shaft is well heat-treated and finished. It has high precision and smoothness, which can ensure the smoothness of its rotation. The end of the main shaft is equipped with a rotating knife body. Two rotating knives are fastened to the knife body with bolts. When the main engine is started, the rotating knife is driven by the pulley to rotate.
A3: Pot body parts: The pot body and the bottom of the pot are made of stainless steel, and the inner surface is finely polished to ensure that the material is not sticking to the material and effectively prevent rust. The pot body is divided into two parts, an upper pot body and a lower pot body.
The joints are tightened with rocker bolts. When it is necessary to clean the inside of the pot body and replace the rotary knife, loosen the bolts, gently push the upper pot body to rotate horizontally along the vertical axis, so that the lower pot body is exposed to the outside for easy maintenance and repair. Clean up, pay attention to the power supply must be disconnected during maintenance and cleaning, to ensure that the main motor does not start, and to ensure the safety of maintenance and cleaning.Complete.

High-speed agglomerator plastic granulator

Technical datas for High-speed agglomerator:

Model Volume(L) Effective












GTL-100 100 75 30 800 80-100 By self


Manually or


GTL-200 200 150 45 800 150-200
GTL-300 300 225 75 800 250-300
GTL-500 500 375 90 750 450-500
GTL-800 800 600 132 750 750-800


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