High Quality PVC / WPC / SPC Plastic Profile Sheet Shredding Crushing Pulverizing Machine Made in China


Beisu Machinery has been committed to the research and development and production of plastic machinery for 20 years, especially in plastic recycling crushing and grinding machinery (PVC crusher, PVC mill, PVC shredder; PE crusher, PE mill, ,Plastic pulverizer, PVC pulverizer, PE shredder ) and other fields have been making continuous innovations and breakthroughs; with the sudden change of the global environment and the continuous variation of the global epidemic, Beisu Machinery has continuously improved and updated the technical points, especially in the comprehensive online automation of the plastic PVC recycling system, which not only greatly improves the mechanical production capacity, but also reduces more A lot of artificial consumables and environmental pollution, and fully realize the recycling rate of plastic waste.

PVC, WPC, SPC plastic profile sheet shredding crushing and grinding machine is mainly used for plastic PVC/WPC/SPC hard material grinding, such as PVC small white pipe, plastic steel profile, gray board, gray pipe, decorative gusset plate, etc. All waste. Provide PVC/WPC/SPC powder for plastic extrusion production line, usually use vibrating screen to ensure the supply of accurate powder fineness for the production of plastic products, and then ensure that the surface of the molded product is smooth and the thickness is uniform. The PVC, WPC, SPC plastic profile sheet shredding, crushing and grinding machine is equipped with environmental protection dust removal equipment, PLC control, which can realize automatic measurement and packaging, saving manpower. Equipped with high-power main engine motor, dust removal fan, feeding motor, vibrating screen, automatic packaging, and vibrating feeding device. Greatly reduces dust emissions and losses.

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