How to accurately set the formula temperature of Soft PVC Pelletizing granulation production line?


In 2021, Beisu Machinery received an inquiry from Poland. Regarding the composite recycling and granulation machine for soft PVC sole materials, the Beisu Machinery sales team contacted and communicated as soon as possible, and introduced the process from mixing raw materials to final PVC particles in a timely manner. The completed processes, especially the key points and difficulties in the production process, are determined and marked one by one, and the final version of the soft PVC composite granulation extrusion production line is finally determined, and the contract is signed.

The main processes of the soft PVC granulation production line are:
Mixing – extrusion plasticizing – hot-cut granulation – screening system – air delivery system – aggregate device. For the soft PVC granulation production line, the temperature is very important. For example, if the temperature regulation is too high, the raw materials are easy to paste and coke during the plasticization process; if the temperature is too low, the plasticization cannot be achieved;

Therefore, for PVC raw material products, the difficulty lies in:
1. Screw structure, the screw structure is usually designed according to the raw material formula. For different products, the raw material formula is very different.
2. The temperature of the equipment is usually determined according to the screw structure and the raw material formula. For soft PVC sole material, the first zone to the fourth zone are stably controlled between 60-70 degrees, the plasticizing effect is very stable, the particles are uniform in color, and the particles are full.

PVC Pelletizing granulation production line

After the completion of the soft PVC granulation production line, the chief operating engineer of Beisu Machinery tested the equipment (including plasticizing-discharging-eager-cutting-screening) for the first time, and the overall operation was very successful. Here, I would like to thank every customer for their Trust, turnkey projects are always online, providing each customer with the fastest and most efficient plastic extrusion solutions.

Beisu Machinery is committed to producing high-quality plastic extruders (PVC extruder; PE extruder), plastic recycling granulation machinery (PVC granulation production line, PE granulation production line), plastic recycling crushing and grinding machinery (plasitc crushing machine) machine, PVC pulverizer, PVC shredder; PE shredder, PE pulverizer, PE shredder);

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