Customer case: How to quickly and effectively increase the production capacity of WPC wood-plastic board pulverizer milling machine?


In August 2021, Beisu Machinery received an inquiry from WPC Wood Plastic Sheet Company in the United States about plastic crushers and wpc pulverizer machine. Beisu Machinery communicated and understood the needs of customers in the first time and provided specific quotation plans in time, and signed the contract successfully. And delivered in time.
In October 2021, the customer began to put into production. During the trial operation, it was found that the density of the WPC material used by the customer was very light. The material has reached 80 mesh), due to the powder is too fine, the production capacity has been maintained at 110Kg. The American customer immediately put forward: how to increase production capacity and give a solution!

The Beisu machinery technical team received feedback from customers, combined with videos sent by American customers, including photos of the entire operation from materials to grinding, and repeatedly confirmed the dust removal system from feeding to grinding room to vibrating screen, within 2 days Finally, two solutions are summarized:

A1: Beisu Machinery transports pulley key pin accessories by air to the customer’s factory to reduce the speed and stabilize the current.
A2: Change the pulley of the motor and the grinding chamber to reduce the speed and stabilize the current.
A3: Remove the sieve of the grinding chamber and pass through the vibrating sieve.

Three days later, the American customer received the extra parts shipped by Beisu Machinery by air. Prior to this, American customers had adopted the second plan, which perfectly solved the low production capacity, increasing from 110kg to 1200kg. Thanks to American customers for their recognition of the fast and efficient pre-sales and after-sales of Beisu Machinery’s technical team. We will continue to increase orders in December 2021.

Summary: The real technology is the customer’s highly rapid and effective cooperation, and Beisu Machinery’s extremely fast and meticulous after-sales solutions.

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