How to solve the agglomeration, bearing loss and productivity of Plastic PVC pulverizer miller?


In the past year, many customers purchased old models of plastic and PVC plastic profile mills that have ground materials that are particularly prone to agglomeration and yellowing of color; bearing loss; production capacity; especially from 2020 to the present, due to the epidemic, environmental protection and raw materials have been greatly affected. As a result, the recycling of raw materials is becoming more urgent. How can we truly achieve energy conservation and emission reduction? How to substantially increase the recycling of raw materials?Plastic pulverizer was entrusted by Liaoning Gaizhou Huamei New Materials Co., Ltd., which was established in 2005 and belongs to the top 500 Chinese private enterprises and the top 500 Chinese manufacturing enterprises Zhenshi Holding Group. It is a high-tech professional engaged in the production of composite materials. enterprise. The company mainly produces thermoplastic, thermoset, pultruded, glass fiber doors and other composite materials, which are widely used in transportation, clean energy, building materials, home improvement, and electrical communications. Through continuous customer visits and on-site technical inspections, 3 technical improvements and component upgrades are finally determined;

First of all: in view of material agglomeration and yellowing of color, we propose:

A1: The cyclone of the PVC pulverizer must be double-layered, and cooling water must be passed through the interlayer;
A2: For the bearings of the PVC pulverizer, the imported bearing C3 with large clearance must be selected;
A3: The gap between the PVC grinding motor knife and the fixed knife should be 2-3mm on one side, and the gap is too small and the output is too low; according to the 600-type PVC grinder, the output is 180-200 kg per hour; if the gap is controlled at Between 2-3mm, the output can reach 320-320 kg. (Pictured)

After the improvement of Beisu Machinery’s technology, in the past 6 months of actual production, it has not only solved the problems of agglomeration and production capacity of the PVC mill, but also greatly extended the life of the blades of the PVC mill. The fixed knife of the PVC mill adopts high hardness. Wear-resistant steel material with a hardness of 60, especially for the grinding of soft plastics and elastomeric plastics, which greatly increases the life of the blades of the PVC plastic milling machine. It is a high-quality PVC milling machine that truly achieves energy saving and increases productivity.


Beisu Machinery is committed to producing high-quality plastic extruders (PVC extruders; PE extruders), plastic recycling and pelletizing machinery (PVC pelletizing production line, PE pelletizing production line), plastic recycling crushing and grinding machinery (PVC crushing Machine, PVC mill, PVC shredder; PE crusher, PE mill, PE shredder);

Paying attention to details and improving efficiency is the ultimate goal of Beisu Machinery, a real win-win situation.

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