How to solve the problem of milling temperature of PVC pulverizer?


The rotor in the PVC mill is the core component of the PVC mill. Its speed is as high as 3800 rpm. It mainly uses a spindle equipped with precision bearings to drive the cutterhead. Driven by the cutterhead, the movable knife rotates at high speed, and the The fixed knives are tangential, causing strong collision and grinding of materials into powder. Its basic principle is that through the combination of wind and water cooling, the grinding temperature of the material is controlled, and the quality of the ground material will not change. The powder is collected through the configured automatic bucket, automatic discharging and automatic sorting system;
In this process, temperature control is crucial. If the temperature is too high, the working life of the grinding mill will be greatly shortened. Among them, seriously damaged components such as:
A1: Knife;
A2: Cooling pipe;
A3: Fan wheel;
A4: Cyclone fan shut off;

How to accurately solve the problem of excessive temperature of grinding Pulverizer?
A1: First of all, the structure and quality of the overall equipment. The structure is the crucial core and the core technology of temperature control; secondly, the quality, which includes the seismic resistance of the overall frame and the materials used in the grinding chamber including the pipes;
A2: The formula of the material, moisture content, softness and hardness; different formulas have different structures. All mechanical parts are made of high-standard anti-corrosion and high-temperature materials; formulas with low calcium content must be completely solved structurally.
A3: The structure selection of the tool must not affect the fineness of the powder. The structure and selection of the tool need to be adjusted according to the formula, including the application of the raw materials of the tool; please send a video to discuss the solution in detail.
A4: The raw materials of the fan are selected with high standards for corrosion resistance; hard and thick high-grade stainless steel pipes must be used;
A5: The cyclone fan includes a cooling pipe structure, which must be made of hard and thick high-grade stainless steel pipes;

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