Industry recycling plastic shredding crusher plant for PVC/PE/LDPE/LLDPE tanks/lumps/pellets/pipes

Plastic shredders are designed to shred bulky and hard plastics such as: Plastic barrels made of HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE/PP, HDPE pipes, PVC dies, plastic blocks, even wooden pallets, etc. The plastic shredder is composed of a single-shaft shredder, a conveyor, a plastic shredder, and an air delivery system.

Advantages of Plastic PE shredding machine:
A1: Hopper structure
The hydraulic propulsion method of the single-shaft hard material shredder series is the overall moving structure of the hopper. The green column used on the injection molding machine is to install guide rails on both sides of the main shaft. The guide rail has a built-in copper sleeve, and the interior of the copper sleeve is lubricated with graphene, which can play the role of automatic oil supply. At the same time, we can choose to oil the green column to increase the degree of lubrication and the service life of the machine.

A: The feeding is unlimited, the feeding amount is controllable, and the hopper moves with the animal material close to and away from the main shaft to ensure the smooth tearing process. The advance and retreat of materials is automatically controlled by Siemens PLC. We choose to determine the load on the spindle through the current. Effectively reduce the number of reversals and protect the reducer.

B: The structure of the traditional shredder is a built-in push plate. The material is in direct contact with the push plate, do not add oil. The gap between the push plate and the guide rail will become larger and eventually cause the push plate to get stuck. The push plate must be shut down and removed to continue working.

C: At the same time, when the traditional structure feeds too much, the material cannot be taken away from the main shaft through the push plate, the load is too large, the machine will reverse frequently, and the number of reversals will damage the gears of the gearbox and reduce the service life.

Techincal data of Plastic pe shredding machine:

Model Power
Number of
rotary knife
Knife size
Shaft Rotating 
Dimension of
crushing chamber
BS-500 18.5 28 40*40 or 50*50 φ280 500*550 300~500 2800
BS-600 22 32 φ280 600*650 500~600 2900
BS-800 45 44 φ350 800*850 500~800 4100
BS-1000 55 52 φ350 1000*1050 800~1000 6500
BS-1200 75 68 Φ350 1200*1250 1000~1200 7000
BS -1500 90 81 Φ550 1500*1600 1000~1500 10500
BS-1600 110 85 Φ550 1600*1700 1000~1600 13800

Techincal data of Plastic pe crusher machine:

 Model motor power rotating blade  fixing blade Output
PC-600 18.5KW or 22KW 10 or 30Pcs 2Pcs 200-300kg/h
PC-800 30KW or 37KW 10 or 24Pcs 4Pcs 500-600kg/h
PC-1000 55KW 10 or 24Pcs 4Pcs 600-800kg/h
PC-1200 75KW 10 or 24Pcs 4Pcs 1000kg/h
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