INVITATION: BEISU Machinery invites customers and friends together at CHINAPLAS 2023


Beisu Machinery will participate in CHINAPLAS 2023, and we would like to extend our warmest welcome to our distinguished guests.

Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. The founder MR.BATISTA has been committed to the innovation, design, development and manufacture of plastic shredding-crushing-grinding-recycling machinery for 15 years; the equipment is widely used in waste plastics, scrap metal, wood , tires, chemicals, plastic pipe profile manufacturing, plastic modification and other fields of various plastic raw materials; equipment includes single-shaft shredder, single-shaft shredder, plastic shredder, plastic pulverizer, PVC shredder, PE Pulverizer, PVC pulverizer, PE pulverizer, plastic pulverizer, etc. Among them, according to the crushing principle, the plastic pulverizer is divided into rotor grinder and disc grinder; according to the grinder method: soft and hard polyvinyl chloride PVC, high and low pressure polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, nylon PA, polycarbonate PC, poly Styrene PS, styrene butadiene styrene ABS, foamed PE, PVC, SBS, EVA, PPS, magnetic cards, leather, rubber and other plastic materials.

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