Thanks to LIRA for supporting BEISU Machinery


Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd., since its establishment, has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality machinery and equipment and related services. Especially in the plastic crushing, plastic pulveirzing and plastic mixing systems, with its solid quality and professional technical services, we continue to forge ahead and win strong support from all over the world. Especially from Lira Group, as a famous enterprise in Bangladesh, it has cooperated with Beisu Machinery more than 6 years. Witnessing the continuous strength and expansion of LIRA Group’s business, our cooperation is not only mutual benefit and win-win in business, but also technical exchange and integration. We all have profound accumulation and technical advantages in our respective fields.

For a long time, Beisu Machinery has maintained close communication and collaboration with Bangladesh Lira in all aspects of equipment production, sales and after-sales service. With its advanced mechanical equipment technology and rich industry experience, Beisu Machinery provides high-quality equipment to Lira, while Lira occupies the leading position in Bangladesh pipes, profiles, and plates with its in-depth market insights and strong sales network. , flooring, and injection molding product markets, and continue to expand the market share of products.

In addition, Beisu Machinery and Lira have also formed a deep friendship and trust in the process of cooperation in plastic crushing, plastic pulverizing and mixing systems. Both parties respect and support each other in cooperation, and jointly face and solve difficulties and challenges encountered in cooperation. This kind of trust and friendship not only enhances the stability and durability of cooperation between the two parties, but also lays a solid foundation for future development.

With the continuous development of the global economy and the changing market, the cooperation between Beisu Machinery and Lira will also face new opportunities and challenges. But we believe that as long as we continue to maintain close communication and collaboration, and continue to innovate and improve cooperation models, we will be able to jointly meet future challenges and achieve better development prospects.

At the same time, the Beisu Machinery team wishes the LIRA Group from Bangladesh  BETTER THAN BETTER, BEST  with the most sincere blessings.

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