MF-500/600/800 SKD-11 disc blade of Plastic PE/PET/EVA/ABS/PC pulverizer milling machine

Disc Pulverizer are the grinding varieties of these following granulated material including high and low density plastics like:Ldpe(16ma 400ipcl grade for textile and wire coating);Ldpe, Hdpe (26500 reliance grade for master batch);Lldpe (36ra 0345 ipcl grade);Rpvc, pc, abs, eva, ps,pa, etc.

Details application for Disc blade pulverizer

A1. Plastic pulverizer machine is an important auxiliary equipment in plastic recycling and extrusion industry. and its high efficiency and working life mostly depends on the grinding disc quality.

A2. We provide high quality grinding disc which are made of SKD-11 or D2.

A3. Our machine and grinding discs are widely used in pulverizing of thermoplastic, such as PVC, PP, PE, etc.

A4. We adopt line cutting in knife manufacturing, and can do custom-made grinding discs exactly according to your drawing.

A5. Excellent cutting longevity and wear resistance.
A6. High intensity,high toughness,small thermal deformation.
A7. Blades are eliminated unwanted and uncontrollable residual stress.

Disc blade pulverizer

Features for Disc blade pulverizer:

A1. The new disc design is used ,high-yield,strong resistance and the life of grinding disc is double the ordinary.
A2. The use of newly designed professional bearings ,and reached a high rotation rate ,at the same time using only one drive motor ,to ensure the efficient grinding crash,which greatly saves the time and operation of machinery and control engineering.
A3. Installation and maintenance easy, open the door to cover clean-up.
A4. Milling process of the whole seal,without dust leakage.
A5. Full automated ,automatic feeding ,the materials and sorting.
A6. Grinding gap adjustment is simple ,just use the plug-foot bolts and adjustments can be fine-tuning.
A7. The host used the water and wind double cooling systerm, rational design of smaller cross-section of the grinding chamber, grinding is almost flat vertical surface.material entered the grinding chamberas soon as caught, groud,and then rapidly removed, which eliminates the grinding chamber of the surge in materials, heating materials to avoid decomposition, resulting in improved production.

SKD11 :SKD11 material (good high temperature resistance and toughness, easy to process, stable performance, high wear resistance, small quenching deformation, good quenching permeability, air hardening, no need to worry about brittleness after quenching, suitable for high wear plastic workpiece, quenching depth is 0.35mm, hardness is above hrc58)

Cr12MoV :Cr12MoV material (high hardness, good wear resistance, small heat treatment deformation, suitable for complex processing of heavy load shape of grinding disc, material toughness is improved, strength, hardness and toughness after quenching and tempering are
higher than Cr12)

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