MF-800 Plastic PE rotomoulding pulverizer machine with disc SKD-11 blade

PE rotomoulding pulverizer used to grind different materials with moderate hardness, impact resistance and fragility into particles, such as polyethylene PE (including LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE), soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Polypropylene (PP), ABS, nylon (PA), EVA, PET, etc.

The principle of PE rotomoulding pulverizer: the material pulverized by the plastic pulverizer is sucked into the grinding cavity through the center of the vertical fixed grinding disc. Between the fixed grinding disc and the rotating grinding disc, the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the movable knife grinding disc is thrown to the outer edge. The ground powder is collected from the grinding chamber through a fan and cyclone system.

Features of PE rotomoulding pulverizer:
A1: New grinding disc design, high output, strong wear resistance, and the life span is twice that of ordinary grinding discs.
A2. The newly designed special bearing is used to achieve high speed, and only one drive motor is used to ensure efficient impact grinding, which greatly saves mechanical operation time and engineering control
A3. The grinding process is fully sealed, and there is no dust leakage.
A4. Fully automatic, automatic feeding, discharging and sorting.
A5.10-120 mesh is adjustable, and the adjustment of the grinding gap is simple, and it can be accurately adjusted only by using a feeler gauge and an adjusting bolt.
A6. The main engine cooling system adopts air and water double cooling system.

Technical datas of PE rotomoulding pulverizer:

Model MF-500 MF-600 MF-800
Motor power (kw) 37kw 55kw 75kw
Blow power (kw) 3kw 5.5kw 11kw
Voltage 380V, 50Hz
(or according to customer)
380V, 50Hz
(or according to customer)
380V, 50Hz
(or according to customer)
Total power 41kw 52kw 90.5kw
Blade Dia. 500mm 600mm 800mm
Feeding material size Below 10mm Below 10mm Below 10mm
Output size 40-80mesh 40-80mesh 40-80mesh
Vibration model ZDS-800 ZDS-1000 ZDS-1200
Capacity 200-300kg/h 300-500kg/h 500-600kg/h
Machine size(mm)
2500*2000*3000mm 3200*2600*3200mm 3500*2400*4000mm
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