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BEISU PET pulverizer miller machine in THAILAND

PET pulverizer miller machine, also known as polyethylene terephthalate miller, is a newly developed product belonging to the disc-type pl……

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Thanks to LIRA for supporting BEISU Machinery

Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd., since its establishment, has always been committed to providing customers with high-quality machin……

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The Beisu Machinery team invites you to attend the IPF Bangladesh Exhibition

The iconic exhibition in the plastics, printing, and packaging industries IPF Bangladesh 2024 will be held from January 24-27 at ICCB, Dh……

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What is waste plastic recycle pulverizing miller equipment?

Plastic waste is divided into different reuse methods: recycled plastics, reprocessed plastics, recycled plastics, reusable plastics, recy……

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Why should waste plastic be pelletized?

Application fields of waste plastic pelletized granulator: Plastic granulators are widely used in waste plastic recycling, plastic produc……

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How to solve the problem of milling temperature of PVC pulverizer?

The rotor in the PVC mill is the core component of the PVC mill. Its speed is as high as 3800 rpm. It mainly uses a spindle equipped with ……

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INVITATION: BEISU Machinery invites customers and friends together at CHINAPLAS 2023

Beisu Machinery will participate in CHINAPLAS 2023, and we would like to extend our warmest welcome to our distinguished guests. Zhan……

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The environment-friendly plastic pulverizer is more suitable for the market demand

According to the current situation of China's economic development, China will focus on the development of various industries in the next ……

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Maintenance and precautions of PVC Pulverizer Machine

As the main crushing equipment for plastic recycling, processing and reuse, The PVC Pulverizer Machine has a broad market space and user u……

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What are the characteristics of the plastic tile production line

Features of plastic tile production line: A1: The plastic tile production line adopts the high-speed and efficient SJZ-65-132 conical twi……

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How to maintain and extend the service life of the bearings of the plastic pulverizer miller?

In the grinding process, the PVC pulverizer miller is mainly driven by the bearing seat and the motor belt; when the bearing is running, f……

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High Quality PVC / WPC / SPC Plastic Profile Sheet Shredding Crushing Pulverizing Machine Made in China

Beisu Machinery has been committed to the research and development and production of plastic machinery for 20 years, especially in plastic……

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