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INVITATION: BEISU Machinery invites customers and friends together at CHINAPLAS 2023

Beisu Machinery will participate in CHINAPLAS 2023, and we would like to extend our warmest welcome to our distinguished guests. Zhan……

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The environment-friendly plastic pulverizer is more suitable for the market demand

According to the current situation of China's economic development, China will focus on the development of various industries in the next ……

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Maintenance and precautions of PVC Pulverizer Machine

As the main crushing equipment for plastic recycling, processing and reuse, The PVC Pulverizer Machine has a broad market space and user u……

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What are the characteristics of the plastic tile production line

Features of plastic tile production line: A1: The plastic tile production line adopts the high-speed and efficient SJZ-65-132 conical twi……

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How to maintain and extend the service life of the bearings of the plastic pulverizer miller?

In the grinding process, the PVC pulverizer miller is mainly driven by the bearing seat and the motor belt; when the bearing is running, f……

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High Quality PVC / WPC / SPC Plastic Profile Sheet Shredding Crushing Pulverizing Machine Made in China

Beisu Machinery has been committed to the research and development and production of plastic machinery for 20 years, especially in plastic……

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How to extend the working life of plastic pulverizer miller machine bearings?

In the process of high-speed grinding, it mainly relies on the bearing seat and the motor belt drive. When the bearing is running, frictio……

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What is a lithium battery material mixer?

What is a lithium battery material mixer? The lithium battery high-speed mixer is specially designed for the powder raw materials of el……

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What is the difference between Plastic Pulverizer and Grinding Machine?

Plastic Pulverizer Instruction: Plastic pulverizer refers to the crushing of various plastics and rubbers such as plastic profiles, waste……

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How to Properly Use the PVC Pulverizer Machine

How to Properly Use the PVC Pulverizer Machine? The machine is available in diameters ranging from 300 to 800 mm. These PVC pulverizer ma……

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How to quickly adjust the size of the powder in the plastic pulverizer?

Beisu machinery plastic mills are generally divided into two types: cutter disc mills and disc mills: A: The cutter disc mill can also be……

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How to accurately set the formula temperature of Soft PVC Pelletizing granulation production line?

In 2021, Beisu Machinery received an inquiry from Poland. Regarding the composite recycling and granulation machine for soft PVC sole mate……

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