BS-200 Standard stainless plastic color mixer vertical granules pellet mixing blender

plastic color mixers are widely used in plastic dyeing, plastic granulation, color masterbatch manufacturing, pelletizing, pipe, sheet plastic, recycled material recycling, injection molding, chemical, food and other industries.It has a simple structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain and clean, fast and excellent performance in mixing materials.

Features of Plastic color mixer :

A1.Designed with four-wheel vertical type,which is small in size and convenient for moving;

A2.Equipped with cycloid pinwheel deceleration power machine,mixers become low-noise and durable;

A3.Material can be mixed evenly within short period of time with high efficiency and low energy consumption;

A4.Drum cover and bottom are shaped by punching which ensures precise matching and durable operating;

A5.The timer may be chosen within 0-30 minutes for mixing;

A6.Stainless steel blades are scientific and reasonable in structure,which may mix materials evenly during operation and minimize workload while saving time and power.It is made of fine stainless steel with high intensity and may be washed conveniently.

Techincal datas of Plastic color mixer:

Model No.
Mixing Capacity
Motor Power
Rotation Rate
25 kgs
0.75 kw
80 R/Min
720*670*900 mm
90 kgs
50 kgs
1.5 kw
80 R/Min
850*810*1070 mm
120 kgs
100 kgs
3 kw
80 R/Min
1020*980*1360 mm
170 kgs
150 kgs
4 kw
68 R/Min
1150*1050*1400 mm
230 kgs
200 kgs
5.5 kw
68 R/Min
1300*1180*1500 mm
320 kgs
300 kgs
7.5 kw
58 R/Min
1450*1350*1650 mm
380 kgs
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