Plastic mixing machine for PVC/PE/PP/Masterbatch weighing mix system

Plastic mixing machine is suitable for plastic, rubber, chemical, food and other industries for mixing, coloring and drying of powdery or granular materials. Especially the mixing of WPC, PVC, SPC calcium powder, the mixing of PTFE, the mixing of ternary lithium battery materials, the lithium iron phosphate battery and so on. Typical applications include: production of PVC dry mixes, filling and modification of plastics, premixing for compounding processes and premixing of wood-plastic composites. Essential mixing equipment including WPC/SPC/PVC pipes, window and door profiles, ceilings, cable ducts, marble slab extrusion lines.

The fully automatic weighing and mixing system solves many problems in the batching process and is used in plastics, pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, metallurgy and other industries.

In the field of powder processing, the advantages of the mixing and batching weighing system: the automatic batching system adopts the new WINXP system platform, which runs faster and more stably. The automatic batching system has a powerful report function, which can record and store various data and tabulate printing in large quantities, automatically compile and print batching reports after each production is completed, and provide information such as date, time, report number and the actual consumption of each material; The report extraction adopts the PC manual query method, and the production end report is stored in the computer, which can be read indefinitely to ensure the correctness of the production report.

Features of Plastic mixing machine:
A1: Avoid human error: Production instructions and formulas need to be reviewed, otherwise they will not take effect. Identify the correct materials when feeding, otherwise they cannot be fed. The batching process is fully automatic and requires no manual operation.
A2: There is no dust leakage during the production process, and at the same time, the pollution of the medicine is avoided: a dust-free feeder is used to avoid dust escaping during feeding.
A3: The structure and material of the equipment comply with FDA regulations and hygiene standards to ensure thorough cleaning and avoid cross-contamination.
A4: With online cleaning function, online drying function and quick installation structure, cleaning and maintenance are simple.
A5: Using high-precision weighing modules and various anti-interference technologies, the weighing data is accurate and reliable.
A6: Adopt advanced control algorithms and high-performance actuators, with high positioning accuracy, high measurement accuracy and high output.
A7: Using PLC and touch screen technology, reliable performance, simple operation, with production data reporting, filing, recording and tracking functions. It can communicate with the host computer and exchange data.
A8: System alarm and self-check function to ensure smooth production.

Technical datas of Plastic mixing machine:

Model Volume/L Effective volume/L Motor power/kw Rotating speed/rpm Heaing mode Discharging mode
SHR-10 10 7 3 600-3000 Self-friction Manual
SHR-50 50 30 7/11 750/1500 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-100 100 75 14/22 650/1300 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-200 200 150 30/42 475/950 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-300 300 225 42/55 460/920 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-500 500 370 55/75 430/860 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-800 800 500 110 0-740 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-1000 1000 700 160 0-660 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-1300 1300 1000 200 0-660 Self-friction Pneumatic
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