Plastic Pelletizing Line

Plastic Pelletizing Line
Plastic Pelletizing Line
Plastic Pelletizing Line
Plastic Pelletizing Line
Plastic Pelletizing Line
Plastic Pelletizing Line
Plastic Pelletizing Line
Plastic Pelletizing Line
Plastic Pelletizing Line
Plastic Pelletizer Machine is mainly applied to pelletize Crushed materials, bottle flakes and agglomerated films, etc. This type plastic flake pelletizing line has special screw design, effective degassing and filter (Hydraulic screen changer) system, with stable output and long service life. Plastic flake pelletizer machine are highly-automatic, only need 2 workers for operating the whole pelletizing production line. One worker for controlling the Electric control panel, one for feeding materials and changing Hydraulic Screen Changer.
Plastic Pelletizing Line is a kind of high-efficiency compounding and extruding equipment. Its core section is composed of "00" type barrel and two screws, which mesh with each other. Plastic Pelletizer have patented product, special designed forced side feeding with high output for crushed film; Adopting one stage extrusion line with stable and reliable output capacity and other features.
Plastic Pelletizing Line suitable for PE,PP,ABS,PS,HIPS,etc.
Plastic Pelletizing Line Video
Plastic Pelletizing Line Detail display
Features of Plastic Pelletizing Line
A1.Plastic Pelletizing Line advanced equipment, precise pelletizing and high producing capacity.
A2.Plastic Pelletizing Line Conical double-screw extruder, very suitable to process PVC powder with high capacity
A3.Plastic Pelletizing Line style: Hot-cutting on mould face, even cutting ensures good shape.
A4.Plastic Pelletizing Line auxiliary machine: Pellets cooling & classifying.
Plastic Pelletizing Line Process flow
Raw material+ additive → Mixing → Conveying feeding → Force feeding → Conical twin screw extruder → Blowing hot-cutting mould → Cyclone separator → Vibrating screener → Blowing system → Storage hopper → Finished product packing
Plastic Pelletizing Line Technical parameters
Extruder Model SJSZ-51 SJSZ-55 SJSZ-65 SJSZ-80 SJSZ-92
Screw Dia.(mm) Φ51/105 Φ55/110 Φ65/132 Φ80/156 Φ92/188
Main Motor(kw) 18.5 22 37 55 110
Cutting motor(kw) 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5 2.2
Granules size(mm) 3 3 3 3 3
Output(kg/h) 80~100 100~150 150~250 250~380 380~800

Plastic pelletizing line FAQ

What is Plastic Pelletizing Line?

In the process of plastic blow molding, extrusion, and injection, it is often only made of plastic pellets. It is a more economical and quality material. The advantage of the granulation process is that the quality is relatively stable, dust-free treatment, and easy to store and clean. In the process, compounding or toning processing can also be carried out, and the granulation extrusion production line is a tandem granulation system, which firstly manufactures a plastic granule material, and then connects to the extruder to perform extrusion work, one a more complete production line.

Who is the manufacturer of plastic pelletizing line?

Beisu machine is the manufacturer of plastic pelletizing line with rich experience. We started to make extruders for screw pelletizing machine, repelletizing machine for over a decade. We have promoted successfully to manufacturing flake twin screw extruder. Our plastic pelletizers are able to do bottle flakes recycling and pelletizing production.

What are the benefits of a pelletizing line?

The supporting facilities of the Pelletizing line are complete, which can realize automatic continuous production, from raw material crushing, stranding to cutting into pellets. The production line has a small footprint, low power consumption, high quality of finished products, and a wide range of applications.

What are the characteristics of plastic film granulation line

PP PE plastic film pelletizing line is used for plastic film, wire, sheet (thickness is less than 0.5mm), belt, bag and so on recycling, and has the PP PE film pelletizing line features of novel design, compact structure, reasonable layout, stable, facilitating the maintenance and debugging, Low-noise, low-power consumption.

About Beisu

BEISU machienry is professional in plastic pipe extrusion machine, plastic profile extrusion line, plastic sheet extrusion line, and plastic recycling machine with them self R&D technology team more than 10 years. All machines can be customized by your requirements, we can supply the production line drawing and suggestion for your factory before our cooperation, and we can supply our technical support with free formula after we cooperation.
Our engineer can install the plastic extruders or plastic extrusion production line for you with the reasonable salary, and we can supply training support for your staffs if you required.
We can arrange fast shipment for you, as our staffs have more than 10 years; working experience in their professional field, and we always stock some regular main parts in our warehouse.

Why choose Beisu?

1000 m2

Covering an area of 1000 m2


10 years of production experience

20,00 UNITS

with an annual output of 20,00 units


Has obtained CE certification


Provide OEM services

R & D

Two excellent equipment R&D teams

Beisu main products

BEISU machinery and equipment recommendation: PVC/PE/PP pipe production line, PVC/PE wood plastic production line, PVC profile/profile production line, PVC/PP/PE/ABS sheet/sheet production line, PVC edge band production line and mill, High-speed mixer (group), crusher, sharpener, shredder, tractor, winder, cutting machine and other plastic auxiliary machinery.

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