Plastic PVC/HDPE/PPR/Pert Pipe/Tube/Hose Double single Station Coiler Winder Machine

Plastic pipe double-reel winding machine is mainly suitable for winding aluminum-plastic composite pipes, PPR pipes, PE pipes, small hoses and other pipes. It is mainly used in conjunction with the pipe production line produced by our factory to form a complete production line. It is generally installed in the back process of the tractor, so that after the forming pipe diameter is drawn, it can be directly wound and packaged to avoid the confusion caused by the winding.

Features of Plastic PVC Coiler Winder Machine:
A1. Compact structure, high automatic level, easy and convenient operation.
A2. Winding speed and inner winding diameter can be adjusted freely.
A3. Equipped with automatic winding displacement device, even and average displacement, coiling orderliness.
A4. Adopt moment motor, keep same tension and winding speed during winding.

Technical Parameters of Plastic PVC Coiler Winder Machine:

Double station winder (20-63mm) ;Speed: 0.5-12m/min ;Winding length: 250-300m

1 Max. winding speed 12m/min
2 Min. inner diameter of coil 580mm
3 Max. outer diameter of coil 2200mm
4 Coil width 400-600mm
5 Air pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa

Single station winder (63-110mm) ;Speed: 0.5-4m/min ; Winding width: 400m

1 Max. winding speed 0.5-4m/min
2 Min. inner diameter of coil 1600, 1800, 2000mm (adjustable)
3 Max. outer diameter of coil 3000mm
4 Coil width 1000mm
5 Air pressure 0.6Mpa


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