How to extend the working life of plastic pulverizer miller machine bearings?


In the process of high-speed grinding, it mainly relies on the bearing seat and the motor belt drive. When the bearing is running, friction is inevitable, which may reduce the service life of the bearing. In order to prolong the service life of the bearing, it is necessary to take appropriate measures in the production process.

First of all, the bearings in the ball must have a certain size distribution. After the group is distributed, it should be sorted in order and carried out according to a certain clearance. The diameter of the shaft and the corresponding arrangement of the housing holes are the same. The larger bearing group should be The larger diameter shaft group or housing hole is matched, while the smaller size bearing should be matched with the smaller diameter bearing. During the grouping operation, the large clearance bearing has a relatively tight fit and the small clearance bearing is selected. A loose fit, such a match allows for a suitable application, and the bearing is not too tight or too loose when installing the disc mill.

In the production of disc mills, whether it is different or coaxial, it is necessary to protect the shell holes or vertical support surfaces, they all need to be protected, which helps to avoid excessive loads, If the conditions permit, the grinding disc mill in other mechanical parts should be kept away from the bearing, and at the same time ensure the normal operation of the shaft and rotating parts, only the above-mentioned conditions are met, the bearing cycle of long-term operation can be completed.

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