Plastic pulverizer miller SMF-800 PVC/SPC/WPC pulverizing grinder machine

Plastic pulverizers are mainly used for the crushing of thermoplastic plastics (such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, nylon, etc.) for the crushing of thermoplastic plastics such as polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, nylon, etc.

Mechanical structure and working principle of plastic pulverizer mill:

The plastic pulverizer mill is mainly composed of a hopper, a feeder, a casing, a grinding disc, a spindle, a cutter head, a main motor, a discharge fan, a dust collecting device, a frame, a vibrating screen, and an electrical box.

The working principle of the plastic pulverizer: the material enters the machine body from the hopper through the vibrating feeder, and the grinding disc driven by the main shaft rotates at a high speed and collides strongly with the fixed knife, cutting the material into powder, and then the powder is discharged by the discharging fan It is sent into the cyclone separator for separation, the powder is sent out to the vibrating screen by the shut-off fan, and the air is discharged by the dust collector.

plastic pulverizer mill

Performance characteristics of plastic pulverizer:
A1: This machine uses water circulation and air cooling, which is suitable for processing thermoplastic materials.
A2: The high-speed rotating air flow (local vortex) generated by the high-speed rotation of the grinding disc of the main shaft of the plastic pulverizer is the high-speed movement of the incoming material and the grinding disc, and the cutter disc has a strong collision and is cut into powder.
A3: The cutter head of the plastic mill is professionally designed, using SKD11 material and high-density wear-resistant steel casting process, after heat treatment and vacuum quenching, with good wear resistance.
A4: The plastic pulverizer is equipped with air conveying and discharging devices to ensure uniform cooling of materials and fast cooling speed.
A5: The plastic pulverizer is equipped with an automatic feeding machine to control the amount of material feeding, and the dust removal device to reduce dust.
A6: The design is beautiful and generous, the bag type dust collector, the dust collection material two in one, can also be equipped with the pulse dust collector, is an environmentally friendly high-quality product, easy to replace the wearing parts in the machine, easy to disassemble and save time compared with similar products 2 Hours, safe and reliable.
A7: The output is high, and the output can be increased by about 20% according to different materials, and the mesh number can be adjusted between 10-100 mesh arbitrarily.

Technical datas of Plastic pulverizer:

model SMF400 SMF500 SMF600 SMF800
rotary blade qty 18 24 28 40
fixed blade qty 10 12 15 20
main motor power 30kw 45kw 55kw 75kw
blade material high chromium alloy high chromium alloy high chromium alloy high chromium alloy
capacity around 100-150kg/h around 250kg/h around 350kg/h around 500kg/h
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