Plastic PVC ceiling wall panel extruder making machine line with hot stamping printer

PVC ceiling machine is used to produce PVC ceiling panel, PVC wall panel with width normally from 150mm to 600mm with different section shape and height. the surface of PVC ceiling panel can be treated by double color roller printing & coated with UV lacquer, or by hot stamping printing, or by lamination, which can make marble, wooden design on surface of product.

Process of  PVC ceiling wall panel extruder making machine line : 

Mixer → PVC extruder (SJSZ-51/105;SJSZ55/110;SJSZ65/132) → surface treatment (including three types: two color printing, hot stamping, and lamination)

According to our formula(main raw material is PVC resin and caco3), raw materials are mixed in the mixer and tranported to the extruder. Through the PVC ceiling extrusion line, panel forming. It you adopt hot stamping and lamination, after extrusion line, your product is finished, But if you adopt two color printing, you can print it offline in the printing machine.


Features of  PVC ceiling wall panel extruder making machine line :

A1: With Infrared tracking device, benefit for product shape control, suitable benefit for seamless edge PVC ceiling panel
A2: Wxtruder flange adopts hinged type, convenient for changing filtration net, reduce time for changing net.
A3: Cutter adopts rolling blade, reduce dust collection and material waste.
A4: Speed controlled by inverter, saving power and easy to adjust speed
A5: Extruder temperature controlled by Omron intelligent controller, temperature fluctuation self adjusting
A6: Easy and convenient for operation and maintain
A7: Low power consumption: lowest total production line consumption 25kw/hour
A8: Economical price, suitable for large scale investment.

 Technical datas of PVC ceiling extrusion line:

Model 51/105 55/110 65/132
Product width 200mm/250mm 200mm/250mm/300mm/400mm/500mm 600mm
Extruder SJSZ51/105 SJSZ55/110 SJSZ65/132
capicity per 24h >800m2 >1200m2 >1600m2


We also provide other models of and plastic tile extrusion line, welcome to buy.

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