SRL-Z500/1000 Plastic PVC mixer machine with vacuum loader

SRL-Z series plastic pvc mixer unit is mainly used for formulating,mixing, coloring and drying of all kinds of resins, e g. PE, PP,PVC. etc. Meanwhile it is suitable for drying and degassing of
engineer plastic before shaping processing, e g. ABS and PC.

The Plastic PVC mixer machine with vacuum loader designed to generate heat due to friction. The High-speed Mixer  are used to mix granules with pigment paste or pigment powder or different colored granules for uniform blending. The high-speed mixer achieves heat while working is important to blend the pigment paste and polymer powder uniformly.

Plastic PVC mixer machine with vacuum loader Features of Plastic PVC mixer machine:

A1. Used for the processes of compounding, mixing, drying and dying as one of the most ideal equipment for the manufactures of profiles and tubes.

A2. The cold mixer adopts horizontal structure with the characteristics of large cooling area, fast speed, more homogenized.

A3. The mixer lid is double sealed and opened in the pneumatic way.

A4 The electric control system adopts RKC, Siemens, ABB, Omron and other famous instruments and control components to realize automatic control.

A5. Equipped with pulse dust catching device. (on customer’s option)

A6. Both the blades and the belt wheel have been specially treated through the balancing machine of static and dynamic.

Plastic PVC mixer machine with vacuum loader

Technical dates of Plastic PVC mixer machine:

Model/Specs SRL-Z100/200 SRL-Z200/500 SRL-Z300/600 SRL-Z500/1000 SRL-Z800/1600
Total Cubage (L) 100/200 200/500 300/600 500/1000 800/1600
Effective Cubage (L) 65/130 150/620 225/380 375/650 600/1050
Mixed Speed(r/min) 650/1300/80 475/950/80 475/950/80 430/860/60 370/740/50
Heating&Cooling Manner Electric Heating, Self-friction/water-cooling
Mixed Time(min) 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12
Motor Powder(KW) 14/22/7.5 30/42/11 40/55/11/ 47/67/15 60/90/22
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