3 sets of plastic pipe production lines tendered by the EU government were successfully delivered


In 2021, Beisu Machinery received the EU government procurement inquiry, 2 sets of PVC power pipe production lines and 1 set of PE pipe production lines for EU infrastructure construction. The sales team of Beisu Machinery contacted and communicated at the first time, and repeatedly discussed and confirmed various details such as raw material procurement, factory layout and machine production operation. After 2 months, the final version of the plastic pipe extrusion production line was finally determined, and It is handed over to the EU government for tendering. It will be officially put into production in early August 2021 and will be fully completed in early October 2021. At the same time, the Beisu mechanical debugging engineer team fully invested in the debugging work. 3 sets of plastic pipe extrusion lines are tested and tested news media one by one in batches.

A1: 2 sets of one-out two PVC pipe production lines are composed of high-speed mixing unit, conical twin-screw extruder, PVC one-out two molds, PVC one-out two vacuum cooling boxes (independent vacuum box, independent operating system), one out 2. It is composed of a traction cutting machine and an automatic flaring machine for power pipes.

A2: 1 set of PE pipe production line consists of single screw extruder, mold, vacuum box, spray cooling box, and double-disc winder.

From equipment preheating–mixing–feeding–pipe extrusion–pipe forming–pipe flaring, every inspection–mould adjustment to the final uninterrupted trial operation is very successful . And on January 12, 2022, it will be sent to the EU by sea container. Here, I would like to thank every customer for their trust. The turnkey project is always online, providing every customer with the fastest and most effective plastic extrusion solutions.

PVC pipe production line

Beisu Machinery is committed to producing high-quality plastic extruders (PVC extruder; PE extruder), plastic recycling granulation machinery (PVC granulation production line, PE granulation production line), plastic recycling crushing and grinding machinery (PVC crushing machine) machine, PVC pulverizer, PVC shredder; PE shredder, PE pulverizer, PE shredder);

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