Plastic PVC/PE/PPR/MPP/PERT/PC pipe production line with vacuum water spray sizing tank

Plastic PVC/PE/PPR/MPP/PERT/PC pipe production line with vacuum water spray sizing tank is one of the equipment in the production process of PVC, PE, PPR, PERT and other plastic pipes. It is mainly used for vacuum sizing and spray cooling after plastic pipes are extruded from the mold.

Plastic pipe production line with vacuum tank uses a vacuum pump to provide vacuum, and the water pump realizes the vacuum sizing and cooling of the pipe through a spray nozzle.

A1: Plastic pipe vacuum water sizing tank is made of SS304 stainless steel and adopts a reinforced structure design, which greatly improves the firmness of the vacuum box. At the same time, there is a vacuum pressure gauge on the box to more accurately know the vacuum and operating conditions of the equipment , To avoid the situation that the box body is collapsed due to the excessive vacuum of the equipment during the production process, and it can also prevent the pipe from being damaged due to the excessive vacuum;

A2: Plastic pipe extrusion line with vacuum water sizing tank is equipped with dual control of water temperature and water level to prevent excessive spraying of cooling water and spraying water into the vacuum pump, which may cause damage to the vacuum pump; the side of the box also has a plexiglass window, which allows the operator to keep the production status of the pipe and pipe. ;

A3: Plastic pipe water tank adopts four-dimensional spray cooling, and the spray nozzle design made of ABS material has the characteristics of good spray cooling effect and long service life; the corresponding specifications of stainless steel flanges are installed at both ends of the vacuum box, which greatly improves The tightness of the vacuum box;

A4: The vacuum sizing cooling box adopts water ring vacuum pump and centrifugal water pump, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and convenient maintenance;

Technical datas of  Plastic pipe production line with vacuum tank :

Model Pipe range(mm) Length of vacuum tank (mm) Number of vacuum tank(mm) Vacuum motor power(kw) water pump motor power(KW)
ZDY32 ∮6-∮32 4000 1 1*2.2 1*3
ZDY75 ∮16-∮75 5000 2 2*1.5 2*3
ZDY75 ∮16-∮75 5000 1 1*2.2 1*4
ZDY75 ∮16-∮75 5000 2 2*2.2 2*4
ZDY160 ∮20-∮160 5000 2 2*2.2 2*4
ZDY160 ∮20-∮160 5000 1 1*4 1*5.5
ZDY250 ∮50-∮250 5000 2 2*2.2 2*5.5
ZDY250 ∮50-∮250 5000 2 2*2.2 2*7.5
ZDY315 ∮75-∮315 5000 2 2*2.2 2*5.5
ZDY450 ∮110-∮450 6000 2 2*4 2*7.5
ZDY450 ∮110-∮450 6000 1 2*2.2 2*7.5
ZDY500 ∮160-∮500 6000 2 2*4 2*7.5
ZDY500 ∮160-∮500 6000 1 2*2.2 2*7.5
ZDY630 ∮200-∮630 6000 2 2*4 2*4*7.5
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