Why should waste plastic be pelletized?


Application fields of waste plastic pelletized granulator:
Plastic granulators are widely used in waste plastic recycling, plastic product production and other fields.
–In terms of recycling of waste plastics, plastic granulators can reprocess waste plastics into granules for use in the production of plastic products or other fields, realizing the reuse of plastic resources.
–In terms of plastic product production, plastic granulators can process raw plastic into the required granular shape for injection molding, extrusion molding and other processes.

The single-screw granulator has a simple structure and is suitable for processing some plastic raw materials, such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), etc.
The twin-screw granulator can process more types of plastics, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), etc.
According to the different extrusion methods, plastic granulators can be divided into water ring granulators and gas phase granulators. Water ring granulator adopts water ring cooling method, which is mainly suitable for some plastics whose plastic particles are easy to melt at high temperatures. The gas phase granulator is suitable for the granulation process of some high-temperature organic substances.

The principle of waste plastic granulator:
The plastic granulator uses melt extrusion technology to melt the waste plastic and shape it into granules through the extruder head. Its principle mainly includes the following steps:
A1: Plastic melting: The waste plastic is sent to the granulator after pre-treatment processes such as cutting and crushing. The plastic pieces are gradually melted through heating and stirring, and meet the temperature and viscosity requirements for extrusion.
A2: Screw extrusion: Through the rotation and extrusion of the screw, the molten plastic is extruded from the die hole of the extruder head, and a continuous and uniform screw shape is formed.
A3: Rapid cooling: The extruded plastic shape becomes granular after passing through the cutting device. The granules are quickly solidified through rapid cooling to ensure its shape and quality.
A4: Sorting and packaging: The cooled plastic particles are sorted through a screen and classified and packaged according to different specifications and uses.

As the core equipment for plastic recycling, plastic granulator plays an important role in promoting the resource utilization of waste plastics and reducing plastic pollution.

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