Soft Plastic PVC pelletizing machine line with hot-dia knife cutter

Soft Plastic PVC pelletizing machine line application range: heat-sensitive polymer processing, large-capacity exhaust gas devolatilization treatment. Typical materials: PVC cable material, PVC transparent material, PVC tube material, low-smoke, low-halogen or low-smoke halogen-free cable material, various PE cross-linked materials and rubber dehydration post-processing operations.

Features Specifications for Soft Plastic PVC pelletizing machine line: 

The PVC twin-screw extruder granulator is a high-speed twin-screw extruder with forced conveying, high-efficiency plasticizing and mixing and shearing dispersion. The back pressure of the inorganic head is refluxed to avoid high shear and overheating. The lower-stage extruder is a large-diameter single-screw extruder operating at low speed, with independent temperature control, low-speed operating with low shear force, internal cooling of the screw to avoid decomposition of plasticized materials, and single-screw extrusion to ensure the establishment of pressure and stable extrusion Out.

Product performance of Soft Plastic PVC pelletizing machine line: 
1.  Feeding system single screw or twin screw feeding, stainless steel hopper,  Japanese imported frequency converter.
2.  Drive system Z4Eurotherm speed governor, can also adopt AC variable frequency speed regulating motor according to user requirements. DC motor, equipped with the most advanced British imports
3.  Coupling: direct-coupled transmission helps to improve the power transmission coefficient
4. Transmission system: hard-tooth surface gear transmission, transmission and deceleration are integrated, imported SKF bearings, imported oil seals, and gears are forced to lubricate.
5. Extrusion system: screw length-diameter ratio 28-56, maximum screw speed 500rpm, screw element material is high-quality alloy steel W6Mo5Cr4V2, surface hardness HRC58-60 after heat treatment, barrel bushing material is α101, surface hardness HRC60-64, The threaded element and the mandrel are connected by the most advanced involute spline.
6.  Temperature control system The cast copper and cast aluminum heaters are distributed in different positions of the barrel according to the needs, all stainless steel soft water cooling system, imported solenoid valve.
7. Vacuum system: Set up exhaust and vacuum ports according to the process, the vacuum degree can reach -0.04-0.08Mpa, all made of stainless steel.
8.  Rack system: profiled steel welded integral rack, easy for users to install. Stainless steel housing.

Technical datas of Soft Plastic PVC pelletizing machine line:

Extruder Model
Screw Dia.(mm) Φ51/105 Φ55/110 Φ65/132 Φ80/156 Φ92/188
Main Motor(kw) 18.5 22 37 55 90
Cutting motor(kw) 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5 2.2
Granules size(mm) 3 3 3 3 3
Output(kg/h) 80~100 100~150 150~250
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