50mm-250mm Plastic PVC pipe making machine for water supply and drainage

Plastic PVC pipe making machine is mainly used for the production of agricultural water supply and drainage, building water supply and drainage, electricity, communication cable laying, etc. and various pipe diameters and wall thicknesses of plastic PVC pipes.

Process Flow of Plastic PVC pipe making machine:
Screw Loader for Mixer→ Mixer unit→ Screw Loader for Extruder→ Conical Twin Screw Extruder → Mould → Vacuum Calibration Tank →Haul-off → Planetary Cutter → Belling machine/ Tripping Table → Final Product Inspecting &Packing

Plastic pipe extrusion machine:It is mainly used in Water supply pipe lines, Sewage pipelines & Rainwater drainage pipelines & Air conditioning condensate water systems & Electrical conduit pipelines etc. The unit consists of Conical (Parallel) double screw extruder-PVC pipe mold-Vacuum forming tank-Haul-off machine-Cutting machine-Stacker/Belling machine. And the line can be equipped with Comptroller thickening instrument, computer ink-jet printer, crusher, shredder, Pulverizer ,water chiller, air compressor etc. to achieve the production and manufacture of high-grade tubing. Advanced design for screws and barrel supplies powerful safeguard for the PVC plasticization.

Feature of Plastic PVC pipe making machine:
A1. Specified screw design of profile get better plasticizing and more stable extrusion. For high filling formula, screw of SKD61(Germany) imported material with alloy sleeve treatment barrel can guarantee perfect solution
A2. Swallowtail splitflow support type extrusion mould can reduce joint line of the melt material, with large compression ratio design, pipe density will be higher and mechanical properties will be stronger
A3. Vacuum calibration tank adopts high-efficiency two chamber which bring fast cooling
A4. The hauloff adopts multi belt structure, the pipe suffers uniform stress and less deformationTraction is more stable and reliable, It can realize the stable traction for 20-1000mm pipe,Each traction belt can be independent controlled and mutual switch to meet the needs of different diameters
A5. Planetary cutter adopts mechanical and hydraulic feeding in option,It can realize synchronous precision cutting of pipe and chamfering faunction

Plastic pipe vacuum water sizing tank


Detail Specification of Plastic PVC pipe making machine:

Feeder • To feed material into extruder
Extruder • World famous brand electrical component such as Siemens, Schneider, ABB etc

•High torque gearbox with adopts NSK/SKF bearing;

•Siemens/WEG original motor achieved global after service;

• Bimetallic screw and barrel;

• Intelligent PLC controlling system with human-friendly interface.

Die head • 40Cr material

•Complete set include extrusion die head, Slotting & water ring type calibration sleeve

• Apply to PVC single,dual,Four cavity extrusion.

Vacuum calibration tank • Include full set of vacuum and water pump

• length 9000mm

Haul off • Upper and lower caterpillar is driven separately by the frequency inverter
Planetary Saw Cutter • Planetary saw cutter:enter knife by hydraulic drive

• Cutting saw: steel alloy, specific for cutting U-PVC pipe.

• Equipped cast aluminum compacted block for accurate cutting

• Synchronous control

Belling machine • Blow type: internal air blow and external mould compacted calibration, make U, R and Z type sockets;

• Siemens PLC controlling:Automation& Remote Function: for centralized Controlling

Tipping table •Stainless steel 304 as touching material

•Discharge driving by air cylinder


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