Plastic Recycling Machinery

Professional plastic recycling equipment manufacturers, including plastic recycling granulator and plastic cleaning and recycling line, are applicable to PE, HDPE, PP, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, pet, PLA and other materials, including: film, agricultural film, greenhouse film, plastic bottle pieces, woven bags, polyester waste cloth, chemical fiber, ton bags, hollow materials, daily sundries, etc. Puri machinery customizes the solution of plastic recycling production line for customers
What can our recycling machinery do?
Waste Agricultural Film Recycling
Waste Agricultural Film
Waste PE PP Film Recycling
Waste PE PP Film
Waste PET Bottles Recycling
Waste PET Bottles
Waste HDPE Bottles Recycling
Waste HDPE Bottles
Waste Plastic Barrel Recycling
Waste Plastic Barrel
Daily Chemical Bottle Recycling
Daily Chemical Bottle
Waste Woven Bag Recycling
Waste Woven Bag
Waste Tons Bags Recycling
Waste Tons Bags

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