Plastic recycling SPC flooring crushing milling machine plant

SPC crushing mill is a self-developed mill, which is mainly used in the recycling of rigid PVC and SPC. Crush waste SPC floors, PVC ceilings, PVC pipes, PVC profiles, and PVC marble slabs into fine powder. The capacity can be from 100-900kg/h.

Advantages of SPC flooring crushing machine:
A1: Stable operation and high output: the special crushing cavity design, good motion parameters,determine the proper meshing angle and stroke characteristic value of jaw crusher, provide larger crushing stroke, higher productivity and larger Bearing capacity, compared with other products of the same specification, the jaw failure volume of HD can be increased by 30%-50%;
A2: High crushing efficiency: The mechanical structure of the jaw crusher is optimized,and the segmented curved jaw and manganese steel alloy material are used to increase the thickness of the jaw crusher and greatly improve the crushing force. Effectively improve the crushing efficiency;
A3: Reasonable accessories: Through the optimization of the overall structure and the counterweight part, the structure of the flywheel,the sheave and the weight of the counterweight block are determined by calculation and analysis, which effectively reduces the vibration level of the jaw crusher equipment and makes the equipment run more smoothly. reliable;
A4: Jaw Crusher Parts Large bearing capacity: Two super large bearings of jaw crusher support the entire movable jaw for operation, the equipment has a larger bearing capacity and runs more stably;
A5: Special design: The flywheel adopts a reasonable structural layout, which better balances the unbalanced force generated by eccentric operation, avoids machine damage caused by unbalanced vibration, and saves installation space;
A6: Easy operation and maintenance: The jaw crusher has a high degree of automation, which reduces the labor force of the workers. In addition, the maintenance of the equipment is very simple and does not require too much operation.

The advantages of SPC flooring crushing machine:
A1: Easily crush all kinds of hard and soft PVC into powder.
A2: Add a dust collector to effectively reduce dust pollution.
A3: The discharge of the main fan reduces the labor intensity of the operators.
A4: The mill adopts a water-air dual cooling system to prevent overheating of components such as bearings.
A5: The mesh number of powder mesh is adjustable (15-100 mesh).
A6: Using well-known brand accessories such as Japanese NSK bearings and Siemens motors, it can work for a long time and save the trouble of frequent replacement of accessories.
A7: There are a wide variety of optional accessories, and professional solutions can be made according to the customer’s budget and processing requirements.

Technical datas of of SPC flooring crushing machine:

Motor power(KW)
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