Plastic waste PE/PP/PET crushing recycling washing line for films bags bottles

The plastic recycling washing line deal with waste plastic such as PP PE film bags, LDPE agriculture film,LLDPE shrink film,PP woven bags(big bags),or rigid plastics(bottles,barrles,pipes…) etc. It is high automatic operating and low consume, can save labor, save power and save water, easy to maintenance.Plastic recycling washing line could layout as “L”, “S” or “U” shape according different workshop.

Working Flow of Plastic recycling washing line:

Belt conveyor → Bale opener machine → Belt conveyor → Pre-washer (trommel) →Belt conveyor → Mechanical label remover → Manual separating table → Metal detector →Belt conveyor → Crusher *2→ Screw conveyor*2 → Floating washer →Screw conveyor → Hot washer chamber *2 →Screw conveyor*2 → High speed friction machine → Screw conveyor → Floating washer → Screw conveyor →Floating washer → Screw conveyor → Horizontal dewatering machine → Drying pipe system → Zig zag air classification system → Storage hopper → Control cabinet

Features of Plastic washing line:

A1:Belt conveyor: Control method: frequency control

A2:Bale opener machine:Stirring motor: 7.5kw*2

A3:Trommel (pre washer):Dimension(L*W):5000*1500mm; Material of barrel: Perforated plate, galvanized treatment

A4:Mechanical Label remover machine:Motor Power:11/22/37KW; Blade material: Tungsten steel, removable. Removing labels from bottles, label remove rate reach 99%

A5:Manual separating table:Dimension (L*W*H): 8000*1000*1200mm

A6:Crusher:Motor power: 37/55/90kw;Fix knives quantity: 4 pc;Moving knives quantity: 10 pc;Knife material: SKD-11(from Japan);crushing with water

A7:Floating washer:Dimension(L*W): 4500*1500mm;Made of SUS304 stainless steel

A8:Hot washing chamber:Diameter of the barrel: 1800/2200mm,Heating type: Electric heating /Steam heating for option

A9:High speed friction machine:Motor power: 22/37/45Kw;Rotation speed 1200rpm;Main shaft through dynamic balance treatment.

A10:Floating washer tank (the second one ):imension(L*W): 4500*1500mm;Made of SUS304 stainless steel

Technical datas of Plastic recycling washing line:



300kg/hour 150kw 3ton/h


MT-500 500kg/hour 230kw 4-5ton/h 4 <1%
MT-1000 1000kg/hour 270kw 6-7ton/h 5-6 <1%
MT-2000 2000kg/hour


8ton/h 5-6 <1%
MT-3000 3000kg/hour 420kw 10ton/h 7 <1%
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