Plastic shredding crusher machine

Features of Plastic shredding crusher machine
■ 1 Plastic Shredding Crushing Machine integrated machine hydraulic pusher, independent power system, firm structure, stable operation, can shred large bundles and large packages of plastic, convenient feeding and large quantity;
■ 2. The main shaft is driven by a gear reducer, running smoothly, with low noise and large torque;
■ 3. The PLC program control system of the shredding and crushing integrated machine can automatically reverse and stop, realize the fully automatic operation of the equipment, and make the operation of the machine safer and more reliable;
■ 4 The material of the knife: Cr12MoV (Japanese brand SKD-11, American brand D2); the movable knife adopts “V” or “oblique one** installation method so that the rotary knife can cut evenly during the entire work and reduce energy consumption . Reduce noise, each movable knife has 4 cutting edges, which can be rotated 90° to continue use after wear; each fixed has 2 cutting edges, which can be rotated 180° to continue use after wear; the blade on the rotor is detachable, Easy to clean, maintain and maintain.
■ 5. Aiming at the characteristics of pipe shredding, which is difficult to fix, the shredding and shredding integrated machine is specially designed for pipe shredding mobile fixed bucket to jam the pipe, which can improve the efficiency and output of pipe shredding.

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