High speed Plastic PPR pipe production line with non-dust cutting machine

PPR pipes are widely used for hot and cold water supply. It has the advantages of simple operation, high degree of automation, stable and reliable production, etc., and is well received by customers. This machine can be used to produce other plastic pipes. Such as PP pipe, PE pipe, HDPE pipe by changing molds.

Process flow of High speed Plastic PPR pipe production line:

Raw material +master batches→mixing→vacuum feeding→material dryness→single screw extruder→single screw extruder→single screw extruder→color string extruder→spiral co-extrusion mould→calibrator→spray vacuum calibration tank→spray cooling water tank→spray-code printer→belt haul-off→no-dust cutter→pipe rack→finished product inspecting &packing

Features of PPR High speed Plastic PPR pipe production line :

A1: 15m/min of maximum lineal extrusion speed, big capacity and low power consumption, and achieved multi-layers co extrusion with 1-5 layers.
A2: The copper bush is more wear-resisting and prevent material leakage which can guarantee a stable running of extruder.
A3: Material feed via spiral groove, efficient transmission and can effectively reduce back-pressure on extruder.
A4: Unique design (barrier, shearing and mixing zone) guarantees a uniformed plasticizing effect, and can reduce the pressure on the screw which guarantees a high speed and stable output capacity.
A5: High torque gear box has a smart figuration, compact construction, low noise, high carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency can assure long-time trouble-free operation;
A6: PCA(pipe air cooling system) of die head largely increase the extrusion speed and decrease the cooling length of extrusionline,and improve quality of inner pipe surface;
A7: Intelligent PLC controlling system with human-friendly interface make the operation easily and conveniently;
A8: Chip-free cutter ensuing flat and smooth cutting surface of pipe.

Technical datas of PPR plastic pipe production line:

Model Screw diameter L/D Extruder Quatity Pipe range Capacity Main motor power Total power Line length
PPR-63 50mm 33:1 3 20-63mm 100-150kg/h 22*3kw 100kw 30m
PPR-110 65mm 33:1            3 75-110mm 180-280kg/h 37*3kw 150kw 38m


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