Application of  PVC pelletizing production line:
The PVC pelletizing production line is mainly used for the anhydrous pelletization of plastics with relatively cold curing characteristics and filled modified plastics (such as calcium filling). The pellets are in the shape of a round cake, without pores, and can be used directly without drying. . The PVC hot-cutting pelletizing production line converts waste plastics into good pellets, which maximizes the recycling value. A high-quality plastic pelletizer is needed. The production of PVC hot-cut pelletizers can easily solve the problem of wet materials and water-filled pellets. There are many pores, easy to spray glue, and low output. The screw is high-frequency quenched, which is not easy to break and has a long service life. And there are a variety of die heads, a variety of material screws, and a variety of combinations to choose from. To meet the different purchase needs of large, medium and small investors, it is an ideal choice for your investment in the recycling industry.

Futures of PVC pelletizing production line:
A1: PVC pelletizing extruder:
The low-shear, high-mixing screw form ensures efficient and stable operation of granulation production. The uniform quantitative feeding system ensures that the configuration of the masterbatch raw materials is more uniform and efficient.
A2: PVC Pelletizing device:
Cooperate with precise cutter to ensure smooth and smooth cutting surface. Frequency conversion speed regulation is more suitable for the requirements of different granulation process speeds.
A3: PVC pelletizing head mould:
Plastic Pelletizing Line is made of high-quality die steel material, and is hard-soldered for durability. The reasonable distribution of the material flow channel can ensure the uniform and efficient extrusion of the pellets without affecting each other.
A4: PVC cooling device:
The unique 3-dimensional cooling system makes the cooling effect better.The powerful fan combined with the new cooling system ensures the quality and efficiency of the pellets.
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