SHR-200L HDPE/LDPE/PE/PP mixing machine for Parallel twin-screw granulation

The high speed PE mixing machine is widely used in the mixing, stirring, drying and coloring of PVC, PP, PE, rubber, chemical and other resin plastics. At the same time, it can be used for drying ABS and polycarbonate, mixing hydroxybenzene and aldehyde resin. Combining heating mixing technology and cooling mixing technology, the material automatically enters the cooling mixer from the hot mixer to cool down, removes residual gas and avoids agglomeration. Ideal equipment widely used in conical twin-screw granulation production lines, parallel twin-screw granulation production lines, pipe production lines, profile production lines, and plate production lines.

Technical characteristics and advantages of PE mixing machine:
A1: The inner wall of the pot of the high-speed mixer is made of δ6mm, SUS304 stainless steel. The inner surface of the pot is smooth and hard, and it is not easy to adhere to the raw materials. It also has the characteristics of high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
A2: The cover of the high-speed mixer is made of ZL102 cast aluminum and polished. The cap is light and easy to open.
A3: The mixer bottom of the high speed mixer is made of δ8mm SUS304 stainless steel. The stirring blade is made of ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel and polished.
A4: The cover of the high-speed mixer is opened by pneumatic equipment.
A5: The material of the mixer of the high-speed mixer is cooled by water circulation.
A6: The heating mixer spindle of the high-speed mixer adopts deep groove ball bearings to run, which is reliable and stable.
A7: The main shaft seal of the high-speed mixer adopts frame oil seals of different specifications and sizes. The heated mixer spindle is fitted with an air seal.
A8: The motor and gearbox of the high-speed mixer are connected by a belt, which works reliably and avoids overload.
A9: The stirring device of the high-speed mixer is equipped with a safety protection device to ensure the safety of the operator.

Technical Specification of PE mixing machine:

Model Total Volume
Effective Volume
Motor power
Main shaft speed
Heating Way Unload way
SHR-5A 5 3 1.2 1400 self-frication Manual
SHR-10A 10 7 2.2/3.2 750/1500 self-frication
SHR-25A 25 17.5 5.5 1440 Electricity 2KW Pneumatic
SHR-50A 50 30 7/11 750/1500 (510/1013) Electricity 4KW
SHR-100A 100 75 14/22 525/1050 (650/1300) Electricity 6KW
SHR-200A 200 150 30/42 490/980 Electricity 6KW
SHR-300A 300 225 40/55 480/964 Electricity 9KW
SHR-500A 500 375 55/75 441/886 Electricity 9KW
SHR-800A 800 560 83/110 330/660 self-frication
SHR-200C 200 150 30/42 650/1300
SHR-300C 300 225 40/55 475/950
SHR-500C 500 375 55/75 500/1000
SHR-800C 800 560 83/110 330/660
SHR-1000C 1000 700 110/160 330/660
SHR-1500C 1500 1050 200/280 enhanced 0-660 (inverter)
SHR-2000C 2000 1400 315/450 enhanced 0-660 (inverter)
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