SHR-30L/50L/500L/1000L/2000L Lithium cobalt oxide high speed powder mixer

Lithium cobalt oxide high speed powder mixer is very suitable for high-viscosity, high-solid content lithium-ion power battery positive and negative slurry processing, such as lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, ternary materials, etc.Different requirements for mixing, stirring and uniform dispersion purposes, efficient and high-quality for the preparation of battery paste, battery materials, battery slurry, etc. Lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, ternary materials, etc.It is specially developed for the ultra-fine powder raw materials of electronic and lithium battery slurry in production, which is easy to produce agglomerates, and it is difficult to effectively carry out ultra-fine dispersion.

The main components of the Lithium high speed mixer:
The high-efficiency frequency conversion lithium-ion mixer is mainly composed of a frame, a pot body (deflector), a discharge tee, a pot cover, a stirring blade, a main shaft, a pot base, a transmission device and an electrical part.

Features of the Lithium high speed mixer:
A1: Rack: The rack is welded with high-quality carbon steel to ensure the rack is flat, safe and reliable.
A2: Mixing pot body: The pot body adopts a sandwich design, which is used for heat insulation or cooling liquid in the interlayer, etc.,
and has a temperature measurement point; a reinforced structure is used at the bottom of the pot body that is easy to wear, and the inner wall of the pot body is made of stainless steel.
A3: Discharge tee device: the outlet of the pot body mixture is placed on the bottom of the pot, which is beneficial to the mixer to discharge quickly and effectively.
The arc design of the bottom of the pot avoids a lot of retention of the mixture, and the outlet plug adopts the arc surface processing technology.
A4: The lid of the pot is designed to be opened and closed by the side top, which rotates around the vertical axis.
The side top is mainly lifted by pneumatic assistance, and is protected by a limit switch to prevent the motor from restarting when the lid is opened.
A5: Stirring paddles: The paddles are multi-layer stacking and combined installation, made of stainless steel 304, and the surface area is sprayed with tungsten carbide, which is highly hard and wear-resistant.
A6: Stirring main shaft: The main shaft is designed with a long shaft, which is convenient to install multiple different paddles.
The sealing of the shaft is realized by a low-wear sealing ring + a special shaft protective sleeve; the shaft seal has a gas seal, which effectively increases the service life of the shaft seal.
A7: Pot seat: The bearing seat adopts a special production process.
A8: Transmission device: It adopts variable frequency motor drive + belt drive to transmit the power to the stirring spindle, so that the driving blade can effectively contact the material, and the stirring is sufficient and evenly mixed.
A9: Electrical: PLC+touch screen intelligent control system is adopted, and the control cabinet is equipped with a power supply device, with electrical components such as main switch protection, contactor and operating status indication.

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