SHR-500 Turbo high speed plastic mixer machine equipment plant for rotomoulding tank

SHR series high speed plastic mixer machine equipment mainly used for: mixing and coloring of polyvinyl chloride resin, coloring and drying of polyethylene and polypropylene particles, drying of hygroscopic resin such as ABS polycarbonate, mixing of phenolic resin, etc. Process. Mixers are one of the necessary equipment for plastics processing plants and are used in a wide range of applications in the rubber, pharmaceutical, and dyestuff industries. Because it has a fast mixing and a uniform mixture, the resin has good absorption to the reinforcing agent. The PVC high-speed mixer is easy to operate, easy to clean, durable, and compact. In recent years, it has gradually replaced low-speed mixers and is widely used in the production of various plastics industries.

The High speed plastic mixer machine is based on the principle of negative pressure mixing.
The blades of the high-speed mixer are made of precision stainless steel die-casting, and have passed static and dynamic balance tests. In particular, the blades of the cooler adopt foreign advanced spiral mixing structure, the whole container has no dead corners, the cooling speed is fast, and the discharge is clean. The container lid and the container adopt a concave-convex double-channel sealing method, which is better than the traditional single-channel flat seal.

The main shaft seal adopts imported durable rubber three-layer skeleton oil seal, and is equipped with oil injection device, which has good sealing effect and long service life. The discharge valve is plugged by a plunger. The inner surface of the door block is closely attached to the inner wall of the container, and there is no mixing dead zone, so that the materials are mixed evenly. The door plug adopts end face seal, and the seal is reliable. The temperature measurement point is set in the container, and the material is in direct contact with the material, and the temperature measurement is accurate.

The high-speed mixer cooler blade adopts large-angle blades to force the material to rise along the inner wall of the container and descend through the cooling jacket to achieve the purpose of cooling. The container wall is provided with a cooling interlayer, and the cooling interlayer is provided with a spiral water channel to make the cooling water flow according to a set path. The cooling is uniform, the cooling speed is fast, and the cooling effect is good. The container is equipped with an inverted truncated cone-shaped inner cooling jacket, which increases the cooling area and speeds up the cooling speed.

The high speed mixer cooler introduces foreign deceleration technology and adopts a direct deceleration device, which overcomes all the drawbacks of using a decelerator and runs more smoothly. There is an exhaust device on the cover of the cooler to fully remove the gas generated by the hot mixing during the cooling process, thereby improving the product quality. The inner wall of the unit is made of 6mm thick stainless steel plate, which increases the service life of the equipment. The spindle material is 40CrZ and the hardness is HrC28-32. The electrical control system is controlled by temperature and time. Other components are made of well-known enterprise products, with reliable and sensitive performance.

According to the characteristics of the material, there are two types of stainless steel blades: disc blade and three blades. The stirring paddle is driven by a motor through a V-belt. Rotating clockwise, on the one hand, the material moves along the wall of the pot, and at the same time it circulates up and down, and the baffle is processed to make the mixing effect better. Due to the high-speed movement of the material, the friction between the material and the blade is very large, so that the temperature of the material rises rapidly, which not only reduces the heating amount of the wall surface, but also benefits the resin plasticizer. absorb.

Technical date of  High speed plastic mixer machine:

Model Total volume Available capacity Motor power Shaft speed Heating method
SHR-5A 5L 3L 1.1Kw 1400rpm Self friction/electric
SHR-10A 10L 7L 3Kw 2000rpm
SHR-25A 25L 20L 5.5Kw 1440rpm
SHR-50A 50L 35L 7/11Kw 750/1500rpm
SHR-100A 100L 75L 14/22Kw 650/1300rpm
SHR-200A 200L 150L 30/42Kw 475/950rpm
SHR-300A 300L 225L 40/55Kw 475/950rpm
SHR-500A 500L 375L 47/67Kw 430/860rpm
SHR-800A 800L 600L 60/90Kw 370/740rpm
SHR-1000A 1000L 750L 83/110Kw 350/700rpm
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