Single shaft shredder Features of Single Shaft Shredder:

A1: One-piece knife shaft, impact resistance. Large torque. Long-term movement without deformation, the blade on the knife shaft is detachable for easy cleaning;
A2: The embedded blade locking method, the tool is more impact resistant, and the shredding ability is stronger. The movable knife adopts the MVM installation type, which cuts evenly during the entire shredding work. Reduce energy consumption. Noise;
There are four pieces Two cutting edges can be rotated 90° after being worn, and continue to be used.
A3: Each movable knife has four cutting edges, which can be rotated by 90 to continue use after wear; each fixed knife has 2 cutting edges, which can be rotated 180for continuous use after wear, which enhances the interchangeability of the movable knife and the fixed knife. Use cycle to reduce costs;
A4: Equipped with a hydraulic reciprocating driving force system, the structure is firm, and the operation is stable; the guide bar can be exchanged or adjusted, for different materials, one machine can beusedformultiple purposes;

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Application of Single Shaft Shredder:

The single-shaft shredder can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries, and issuitableforthe recycling of plastic, paper, wood, fiber, rubber, and domestic garbage.

Single shaft shredder Main Techinical Parameter

Model BS-600 BS-800 BS-1000 BS-1200 BS-1500 BS-1500B
Motor Power 22KW 37KW 45KW 55KW 75KW 90KW
Rotor Speed 83RPM 83RPM 83RPM 83RPM 83RPM 83RPM
Rotor Diameter 280 400 400 400 400 480
Rotor Blade qty 26 38 46 58 74 110
Fixed Blade qty 1 2 2 2 3 3
Screen Dia. 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm 60mm
Capacity(kg/hr) 300 600 800 1000 1500 2000
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