SJ-25/30/45 Plastic single screw extruder making machine for University laboratory

Laboratory plastic single-screw extruder making machine is suitable for the processing and molding of polymers PLA/ ABS/ TPU/ PA/ PC/ PEEK, especially for scientific research and development with a small number of samples, to simulate many aspects of continuous and discontinuous processes in plastic processing , especially for teaching and research. Set up small experimental lines for film, sheet, pipe, granulation, etc.

Product performance of laboratory plastic single screw extruder:
A1: Professionally manufactured screw and barrel, with high processing precision and quality assurance; screw diameters are 20, 25, 30 optional, and the length-diameter ratio is 10~30 times optional, which expands the processing range of various materials. The screw and barrel are made of 40CrNiMo chrome-molybdenum alloy special tool steel, which has been treated by nitriding, quenching and tempering, chrome plating and ultra-fine grinding. It is hard, wear-resistant and extremely corrosion-resistant.

A2: The die head adopts a quick-connecting snap ring, which can quickly disassemble and assemble the die head, and is easy to connect to downstream equipment, saving time and effort for test conversion.

A3: Brand motor drive, stable and reliable screw speed control

A4: Cooling area: 3 sets of multi-blade fans with ultra-static forced air cooling

A5: Drive Motor: Precision Geared Motor

A6: Electronic control system: PLC programmable color touch screen, man-machine interface operating system, the extrusion process can be dynamically displayed and monitored, including temperature control, drive, pressure, interlocking and interlocking functions

Technical datas of laboratory plastic single screw extruder:

Model Screw diameter(mm) Rotational speed(rpm) Motor power(kw) Motor type Output(kg/h) Center height(mm)
SJ-25/25 25 25 1.5 AC 3 1000
SJ-30/25 30 50 2.2 AC 5 1000
SJ-65/30 65 20-120 45 AC 150 1000
SJ-65/33 65 20-120 55 AC 200 1000
SJ-75/33 75 12-120 75/90/110 AC 350 1000
SJ-90/33 90 12-120 160 AC 450 1100
SJ-120/33 120 10-80 250/315 AC 850 1200
SJ-150/33 150 7.5-75 315 AC 1200 1300
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