SJ-30/50/65/75/90/120 Plastic single screw extruder machine for PE/PPR/PP/PVC

single-screw extruder is mainly used for extruding soft and hard PVC, HDPE, PPR, PP,ABS,polyethylene and other thermoplastic plastics. It can process a variety of plastic products, such as films, tubes, Single-screw extruder can also be used for pelletizing for plates, ribbons, etc.

Features of Plastic single screw extruder machine :
A1: Pipe extrusion: suitable for PP-R pipes, PE gas pipes, PEX cross-linked pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, ABS pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE silicon core pipes and various co-extruded composite pipes.
A2: Sheet and sheet extrusion: suitable for the extrusion of PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC and other profiles and sheets. Extrusion of various other plastics such as silk, rods, etc.
A3: Profile extrusion: Adjusting the speed of the extruder and changing the structure of the extruder screw can be used to produce various plastic profiles such as PVC and polyolefins. Modified granulation: The Plastic Extrusion Machine is suitable for blending, modifying and enhancing granulation of various plastics.

The single-screw extruder adopts involute gear transmission, which has the characteristics of low noise, stable operation, large bearing capacity and long life.

Plastic single screw extruder machine

Technical Parameters of  Plastic single screw extruder machine :

Model L/D Output Speed of Screw Rotationl Power Center Height
SJ-20 10-33 1-3kg/h 20-120r/min 1.5-3kw 1000mm
SJ-25 10-33 3-5kg/h 20-120r/min 3-5kw 1000mm
SJ-30 10-33 10-25kg/h 20-120r/min 3-5.5kw 1000mm
SJ-45 10-33 10-35kg/h 20-120r/min 7.5-18.5kw 1000mm
SJ-50 10-33 20-80kg/h 20-120r/min 22-37kw 1000mm
SJ-65 10-33 80-150kg/h 20-120r/min 37-55kw 1000mm
SJ-75 10-33 120-280kg/h 20-120r/min 55-90kw 1000mm
SJ-90 10-33 150-450kg/h 20-120r/min 90-160kw 1200mm
SJ-120 10-33 300-600kg/h 20-120r/min 160-260kw 1200mm
SJ-150 10-33 450-700kg/h 20-120r/min 260-315kw 1200mm
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