SJ45/50/65/75/90/120 model Plastic single screw extruder machine equipment

SJ45/50/65/75/90/120 model Plastic single screw extruder machine equipment used for the extrusion processing of soft PVC, hard PVC, PC, PP, PMMA, PU, PE, ABS and other plastics. Equipped with various auxiliary machines, it can directly produce plastic products or materials such as profiled materials, pipes, and sheets.

Structural characteristics of Plastic single screw extruder:
A1: High-speed and high-yield extrusion based on high quality.
A2: The design concept of low-temperature plasticization ensures the extrusion of high-quality products.
A3: High torque output, extra large thrust bearing.
A4: Gears and shafts are made of high-strength alloy steel, carburized and tooth-grinded.
A5: High hardness, high finish, ultra-low noise.
A6: The hopper-type automatic dryer prevents the material from being wet. The automatic feeder effectively reduces labor intensity. Optional weighing and feeding device. Control product weight.
A7: Automatic PLC intelligent control, which can realize the linkage between main and auxiliary machines.

Application range of Plastic single screw extruder:
A1: Pipe extrusion: Suitable for PP-R pipes, PE gas pipes, PEX cross-linked pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, ABS pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE silicon core pipes and various co-extruded composite pipes.
A2: Sheet and sheet extrusion: suitable for the extrusion of PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC and other profiles and sheets. Extrusion of various other plastics such as silk and rods.
A3: Profile extrusion: Adjusting the speed of the extruder and changing the structure of the extrusion screw can be used to produce various plastic profiles such as PVC and polyolefins.
A4: Modified granulation: suitable for the blending, modification, and enhanced granulation of various plastics.
A5: Extrusion of small products: 3D printing consumables, nose strips, sealing strips, melt blown cloth, etc.

Technical datas of Plastic single screw extruder:

Model Screw diameter(mm) Rotational speed(rpm) Motor power(kw) Motor type Output(kg/h) Center height(mm)
SJ-25/25 25 25 1.5 AC 3 1000
SJ-30/25 30 50 2.2 AC 5 1000
SJ-65/30 65 20-120 45 AC 150 1000
SJ-65/33 65 20-120 55 AC 200 1000
SJ-75/33 75 12-120 75/90/110 AC 350 1000
SJ-90/33 90 12-120 160 AC 450 1100
SJ-120/33 120 10-80 250/315 AC 850 1200
SJ-150/33 150 7.5-75 315 AC 1200 1300
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