SMF-600 Plastic PVC pipe pulverizer milling machine with rottor blades

Plastic pvc pipe pulverizer machine are widely used in plastics, rubber, chemical and other industries. Suitable for PVC PVC, polyethylene PE, such as PVC gusset, pipe material, plastic steel profile, threading pipe, water pipe, down pipe, label paper, rubber, polycarbonate PC, foamed PE, EVA, soft PVC, leather , plant fiber and other plastic materials. It has the characteristics of high output, fine grinding, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.Widely used for PVC pipe, PVC profile and PVC sheet and so on.

Main features of plastic pvc pipe pulverizer:
A1: High output, low energy consumption, strong wear resistance, twice the life of ordinary grinding discs
A2: It adopts Japanese imported bearings to achieve high speed, and at the same time only uses one drive motor, which ensures efficient impact grinding, saves mechanical operation time, and is convenient for engineering installation and maintenance. It can be cleaned by opening the door and grinding process. Full password, dust-proof, fully automatic.
A3: 10-60 mesh adjustable grinding gap, easy to adjust, just use feeler gauge and adjusting bolt to be accurate and convenient.
A4: Fully automatic, automatic feeding, discharging and sorting.
A6: Cooling method, air-cooled and water-cooled pipes, boxes and bearing seats, reasonable design, fully automatic temperature control device.
A7: Independent electric control cabinet, equipped with Delixi electrical components, automatic control by digital display electro-hydraulic meter.
A8: European-style pulley, easy to disassemble and assemble.

plastic pvc pipe pulverizer

The working principle of Plastic pvc pipe pulverizer machine:
A1: The working part of the machine is the cutter head. The high-speed particles are crushed by the quilt after the impact of the fixed knife and the tooth piece, and sucked out by the suction fan, while the larger particles continue to collide and are crushed and drawn out, thereby reducing the load of the quilt. Cutter head and improved grinding powder. The efficiency can cool the powder uniformly.
A2: Low temperature is the main advantage of this machine. Calculated in terms of thermal power equivalent: it is converted into 860 kcal of heat every hour after get off work. This machine uses external exhaust air with an air volume of 50 cubic meters/kw. The air temperature difference between the inlet and outlet is large. Part of the heat. A small amount of heat is cooled by water.

Technical datas of Plastic pvc pipe pulverizer machine:

model MF400 MF500 MF600 MF800
rotary blade qty 18 24 28 40
fixed blade qty 10 12 15 20
main motor power 30kw 45kw 55kw 75kw
blade material high chromium alloy high chromium alloy high chromium alloy high chromium alloy
capacity around 100-150kg/h around 250kg/h around 350kg/h around 500kg/h
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